Deliberately avoiding lovey-dovey relationships, Heather’s spell at university has been enjoyable indeed. Of course it helps that her looks and to-die-for body attract lusty admiration from nearly
everyone she ever meets.

Now, late April, she is into the final term of her three year course. She is about to be awarded a coveted “starred first” and believes she is highly experienced in every bedroom game ever
invented; highly experienced and almost (but not quite) sated. If it wasn’t for her overactive libido, she might even consider having a couple of months of celibacy, to further her final revision.

Unfortunately, as well as being blessed with a huge libido, Heather is also blessed with the ability to get into pickles and scrapes. In fact she can be a bit of a Jonah. So far she’s usually
managed to keep bad luck out of her undergraduate carrying-ons. But she’s not to know what lies in wait for her over the next seven days.

During the busiest week of her life, Heather finds herself confronting drug dealers and undergoing police interrogation. She also finds time to take seven different lovers, all of them more than
just once, some of them on multiple occasions.

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(Friday, 18th February 2000)     Heather had been looking forward to Marcia’s party for weeks. According to all p... Read Chapter

Carrie's Twenty-first

(Friday, 19th April 2002)     Rita's "training sessions" had lasted a fortnight into what turned out to be a month-... Read Chapter

Heather dobs in a dealer

(Friday, 19th April 2002)     Heather waved Gill off and went back into the hotel. By then the band was giving it b... Read Chapter

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