People collect things don't they?

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This is just an observation on my part.

Submitted: January 28, 2018

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Submitted: January 28, 2018



  A lot of times when I'm looking at people's photos on Facebook, I look at the background to see what's going on.  Many people take photos of them self in their own homes so it gives you a glimpse into their life.  Other than the obvious ones of their friends, their cars, their boats, vacation photos, etc.

  I find it interesting though to check out the backgrounds.  In many cases you will see that almost everyone has a collection of some sort in their homes.  We collect things don't we?  From teddy bears, to exotic shaped bottles to glass figurines to any number of things under the sun.

  Go to the trading places like Ebay and you can find anything you can imagine being put up for sale and there is someone out there willing to buy it cause there is a market for everything. 

  I too have always been an avid collector.  From books to record albums to CD's to comic books to Star Wars to DVD's My collections change as my taste change.  I can't tell you how many huge collections I have amassed over the years. My current collection is movies and books and Game of Thrones. The display photo above for this little essay is part of my own GOT collection. 

  What drives our motivation I wonder to collect? What is it in the certain thing that we have to have?  Ever look at your own collection and wonder why you want it?  Does it become an obsession almost to the point of becoming a hobby or does the hobby become an obsession? 

  Remember Beanie babies? While I didn't collect those and never had an interest to start I've known friends who would drive for miles to other towns in fact when McDonald's were offering their version of the collection just to make sure theirs were complete.  Now that's dedication.  Not only are you spending money on the item itself, but you are spending money on gas getting there and your time to find that elusive little stuff creature. 

  It just makes me wonder.  We all collect things. We all have that collecting bug in us don't we?  Just look at the back grounds of peoples photos. Or better yet, look at your friends house the next time you go for a visit.  You will find it so true. 

What do you collect?


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