After Consuming A Barrel Of Wine

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

He babbled incoherently at innocuous pedestrians traversing through the streets,
Clenched his fist high in the air; barking a malicious volley of rustic expletives,
Spat loads of colored saliva on the ground; blending superbly with the loosely sprawled mud,
Danced languidly listening to the slightest of music; eventually collapsing in a bedraggled heap on the ground,
Swayed frivolously at fair skin; only to be slapped with fervor on his bearded cheek,
Occasionally stumbled badly on sharp pieces of stone; hurtling at fast speeds to get a taste of disdainful soil,
Scratched his hair in wild rhapsody; with a ravishing hunger in his blood shot eyes,
Took deep breaths every once a while; as if getting strangulated by bouts of suffocation,
Wailed passionately; vociferously proclaiming his unrelenting misery and tyrannical pain,
Was thoroughly oblivious to his boisterous surrounding; lost in realms of sedative fantasy,
Had lost all appetite for cooked food; relinquished to chew and eat,
Looked waywardly towards the sky; trying to decipher his blurred destiny,
Rebuked his children severely at home; at their most innocuous of provocation,
Kicked acerbically intricate furniture in vicinity; dismantling the sanctity of
household to threadbare junk,

Illegibly scribbled few lines of script; making a ridiculous mockery of calligraphy,
Slapped his wife with tenacity on her ear; for disobeying his dictatorial rules,
Audaciously revealed startling facts about his life; which he had embedded
deep within his heart,
Was saved by the scruff of his neck on umpteenth an occasion; from high powered cars; and monstrous traffic,
He had completely lost the dignity to speak; the ability to stand firm on his knees; distinguish the light illuminating air from darkness,
In the end; he collapsed in a disheveled heap on the ground; awaiting the first rays of brilliant dawn to terminate his sleep; wash all traces of the barrel of red wine; he had obsessively consumed the previous night

Submitted: January 28, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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