Planted heart

In inspired call

When all goes wrong

timber fall.

A crown of thornes.

The pain ive worn

when born .

An angel outcast

deep in doubt

in mass.

The maker shamed

Indefinite afterlife


I was always pushed around

because my life never made a sound .

Down below

a stunted dream

forced to grow

In disbelief.

And when I found

love in your eyes

it revived my vital signs .

Every part of me alive.

When they once were

dead and denied.

A fragile heart

races in a womb

patient mother's

birth in June.

The cries go out

echo and douse

Drinking heaven

by the ounce.

Confessions I have bore .

To fossilize the pain no more.

Love's understanding will out last

the regrets of my outcast .

As I come alive in vital mass.

Submitted: January 28, 2018

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