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just random thoughts that pop up. always open for suggestions.

Submitted: January 28, 2018

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Submitted: January 28, 2018



The enchantment of distance....

Have you ever noticed we are fascinated by things that are from far us, out of reach? Like the huge distance just lures us, to go fall in love with something out of reach. The city adores the village, the village admires the city. The ones at rest wish to run; the ones running are looking for a stop. We always want to visit places overseas, and a person wants to cross those seas to be where we are.

I think distances just create an illusion of peace and happiness. While dreaming about reaching the stars we tend to forget that there no oxygen on there for us to breathe, probably that’s we tend to suffocate before reaching the stars. While running after a goal, we mostly run after things we left behind to get there. The larger the distance the greater is the longing, but why? Maybe the distance gives a clearer view of things. Maybe this is why people run out of love? The closer we get to someone; we miss the distance between us. Because as we get closer the illusion of perfection fades and when we get close enough we long to the perfection we saw from the distance, we put distances between us. So does that mean people who with you the longest, are really farthest from you? That sounds like tricky questions with no answer, like a paradox.

I found the answer to that. Maybe love is another form of distance. The type of distance, you never cover. As if you feel that you are close but you have to walk some more to touch that peak of perfection, like you should stretch a little more to touch this form of magic. So may be forever means , working hard till the end of time to close that distance between us? Maybe love is just enchantment of distance, a spell that never breaks and keeps you happy forever …………

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