Have you ever wondered what it is like to work on a billion-dollar job? This may help you to understand what it is really like.

Table of Contents

Introduction-First Day

“The Big House” Introduction By Daniel Roll   It was 1974, and the Cook Nuclear Generating Plant was hiring agai... Read Chapter

Sharing Rides

When Don got to Max’s apartment, Max was crawling out from under his truck.  Don’s heart sank.  He thought of having to dri... Read Chapter

Day Two

After leaving Wayne and Max at the “brass room,” Don had little contact with them the rest of the day.  Wayne was on the tempora... Read Chapter

Making Money

Don was sitting on the floor on a piece of cardboard in the break room with his back against the wall and his legs crossed at the ankles.... Read Chapter

Playing the Game

Don settled in for his last cup of coffee in the break room before going to work.  He noticed Brian, the other apprentice, was not t... Read Chapter

The Old-Time Religion

“So, Don, do you believe in God,” Jim asked. “Sure, doesn’t everybody,” Don answered. “I don’t,” Jim replied. ... Read Chapter

Earthquake Proof

“What is that?” Don asked as he bumped up against something rubbery and soft. “It’s Styrofoam,” Jim said. “Four-foot-... Read Chapter

Your Friend...

The boss climbed up to the top of the scaffolding.  “Don, go help the truck driver.  He has to get a lot of fittings for the ... Read Chapter


The boss came out to the break room before the morning shift.  “Don, I want you to help Max weld some brackets into a panel box be... Read Chapter

It's Cold Out There!

“It sure is cold out there!”  Don Mills remarked to the nearly-retired, journeyman electrician sitting on the bench beside him.&... Read Chapter

Leaving the "Big House"

The dampness of the day crawled under your skin, and clouds hovered over the earth like a foreboding illness.  Even as miserable as ... Read Chapter