By My Side

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
A relationship between two twin brothers.

Submitted: January 29, 2018

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Submitted: January 29, 2018



*I'm sorry. I'm giving up. This world is just so frustrating and cruel. I couldn't do it anymore, I'm already at my breaking point. No matter how I try, I can't get myself to abandon my hopes and dreams. Wherever I end up with this choice, I hope you still forgive me. I love both of you*

"Why? Why do you have to do this, France?"

Within the doors of an empty closet, there are sniffs and whimpers that could be heard. A thin slit of light crept through the cracks at its hinges, reflecting the tears of a guy, sitting with his head buried in his knees, a piece of paper in his hand, wet and wrinkled from his tears and grip. As the teardrops slowly stops dripping down the closet floor, the sobbing was slowly drowned by silence.

A few hours later he woke up. Tears has dried on his pants and arms, his eyes red and swollen. Raising his head, his eyes are blinded by the light that peaked from the outside. As he adjusted his eyes into the brightness, he held the paper and tried reading it again but...

Instead of a note, there was a drawing book in his hands with marvelous drawings drawn inside.

"What?" He muttered with a sad, dry voice.

He stood up, both sad and confused. Looking around, the closet is still empty, but there is a suitcase standing at one corner. He reached for the door but before he could open it, he heard sobbing from the outside.

He took a look and saw someone who looked like him, holding what seems like examination papers in his hand. His arms sheltered his head, his eyes watering

"Why? I already told them I can't. Why can't they understand. I've tried the best i can, but this is just not for me!" he looked up, slightly enraged, and threw the papers down.

"I can't! I'd rather abandon this house than abandon my dream for the nightmarish future of...'success'..." he told himself drearily and, grabbing his phone, texted someone while staring at the ceiling, lost in thought. After a while, the guy stood up and went to the shower.

When he saw him leave, he immediately sprang out of the closet and looked for clues to what is happening.

First he picked up the papers the other guy threw. They are examination tests, with failing grades. He was shocked to see them but decided to look at something else.

He picked up the phone, it was locked but the date and time are still visible. 'April 27', the same date before he fell asleep...but the time. 12:39 PM. He was shocked and skeptical. That's impossible it was already after dusk when he curled himself inside the closet to weep.

Before he has thought more deeply, a message popped up. It was a long one, all he could see in the notification was...

*...are you gonna leave a letter?*

His eyes widened. Without hesitation he rummaged through the bedside cabinet. After taking out all of its contents, he saw a small notebook. In it are various drawings and sketches, like the one he's holding. Tucked in one of the page is a folded piece of paper.

He took it in and unfolded it. There were actually two papers. Written on one are bank withdrawals summing up a decent amount. He looked at it confused, while the other is like a letter of farewell. He read it with a mixture of loneliness and shock in his eyes. This letter...

Without his consent, tears fell from his eyes to the letter. Slowly he reached and opened the notebook and observed the images drawn in them, still in tears. Then, realization hit him. He wiped his tears and held onto the paper, tightly. He looked straight and spoke, dedicated.

"Im not gonna waste this chance. I'll save you, brother..."

The shower door swung open. The guy earlier got out, a towel wrapped around his waist.

"France!" he stood up as he sees the guy

"Bro-brother? Why are you still here?" the guy named France asked a bit surprise, sadness audible from his voice.

"We need to talk!"

"Wh-what is---" France's question got cut off seeing his brother holding crumpled pieces of papers.

"What is that?" France asked a bit nervous, pointing at the papers.

"I should be asking you!" He said holding up, in front of France the papers. "What are you planning to do?"

"I-I-I---" France stammered bringing out his reason.

"Tell me!" he yelled.

France flinched from his brother's sudden burst of anger. His brother was also shocked by his own rage. He walked towards him, a compassionate smile and spoke again, in a calmed and concerned manner.

"Please, tell me..."

He stared at France's hazel eyes, the same as his. His eyes are noticeably filled with all kinds of emotions. Doubt, fear, loneliness, but also a spark of hope, excitement and determination.

"I-I'm moving away" he looked away sadly. "I can't stay here anymore"

"Why? Where are you going?"

"My friend owns an apartment in a nearby city. I've withdrawn the money from my savings. I'll live next to my friend and enroll in an art school. It may not be the best, but its better than here." France explained, the same mixed emotion on his face as he started putting on his clothes

"Wh-why? Why do you have to run away?"

"Its the only way I can follow my dreams. If I stay here, I'm just held down by our parent's desire to make me a buisnessman like them. They've forced me into business. I don want it. I'll just keep failing and despising it! I can't anymore, I won't abandon my dreams. I want to be an artist not to be stuck within four monotone walls twenty-four seven!" France started putting his jacket on and wheeled a suitcase out of the closet.

"France, wait. I'm sure we can talk this out with them!" he argued.

"You think I didn't try? I told them what I wanted to do with my life, they just said that business is in our family's blood. That I should keep up with it." his grip on the suitcase tightens. "But...It's not what's in mine. I wont keep up with the old rules. Being ordered around in what to do with your life to achieve success."

"But France--"

He tried to argue but France just passed by, ignoring him...

"I'm sorry, brother. But this is my life" he whispered before going out and closed the door.

He stood there in shock and realization. His brother always dreamt to be an artist. He was talented, gifted in fact. He won various competitions, even joining national contests. Still, their parents have chosen a path for him, the way of business. They made him study in a school that honed well-known buissnesmen and undergo various programs to polish his buisnessing skills. Although his intellect in this aspect was low, their parents keep pushing him.

Now, he saw it. His brother had enough being pushed around. He also have his own life to live and, his own path to follow. It is now that he saw how much this dream meant to his brother that he is willing to go such extents.

After collecting his thoughts, he rushed out following his runaway brother.

There, he saw him preparing to leave in his car.

"Wait! Don't!" he called out before he got in.

France stopped and stared over to his direction with a blank expression.

"Please! Don't leave now..." he begged

France averted his gaze to the drivers seat.

"I have to leave now. Our parents are gonna come home tonight. Goodbye..." he ignored his brother's pleas and got in the car. It can still be seen on his face and that it also pained him to ignore his brother, but he had no choice..

His brother watched as he drove out of the driveway and into the road.

He watched in doubt. Should he follow France? It was his brother's life after all, he also don't wanna hold him back. He kept thinking, his fist clenched and brows furrowed. Suddenly a flashback appeared before his eyes. He saw it, he remembered that wasteful collision. The feeling of seeing his brother, covered in blood when rescuers finally got him out of the wreckage and covered him with a white sheet. The devasted faces of their parents as they saw France, hugging his lifeless outline from the sheet soaking it in tears, he felt their...regret...their regret for being too dominant.

He opened his eyes looking around with a determined look. Another car was parked by the garage. He flipped through a cabinet in the garage until he found the key. He got in the car, and furiously started it, accelerating quickly to follow his brother.

Meanwhile, France is driving down a lonely road, thinking deeply what he should do next. He would enroll to a art school, start following his dream and show his parents what he can really do.

Suddenly his phone rang...

"France!" it called.

"Brother? Wh-what?" France questioned

"Please, let me catch up" he pleaded.

France noticed through the side mirror a black car driving a few meters behind him. He immediately recognized it as his parent's car. His brother must be driving it.

"Please! Don't hold me back like they did!" France yelled with a begging tone. "I-This is what I want"

"France! Listen to me. Just stop the car!"

"Why? Did you call our parents to stop me again?" France doubted him.

"No, I would never"

"Just let me settle brother. We will talk then..." he ended the call.

His brother turned furious when he dropped the call. He stepped harder on the gas picking up speed.

France looked to the side mirror again and saw his brother catching up. He tried to speed up but his brother had already stopped in front of his car forcing him to hit the breaks.

His brother exited the vehicle and called him out. France came out wearing an infuriated face. The two started arguing in the middle of the road.

A few meters away an eight-wheeler truck driver had a heart attack. The twins were in the middle of their argument. France was clueless to what is about to happen but his brother immediately realized what will happen when they both heard a loud screech.

France ran but the truck had already collided with his brother's car sending it flying. His brother was hit, crushed under its weight. He watched in horror, he wanted to help him but...

"Please... Run... Sa-save yourself." his brother yelled weakly.

"You still have a life to live..." he spoke silently and smiled, just before the truck ran over him.

France tried holding his tears as he abandoned his brother. Still he wasn't far away enough and the truck still hit him and his car. Now under his car, injured, he looked up, close to losing consciousness.

Suddenly, feet covered in a white glow walked in front of him. He looked up but the sun illuminated the figure's face. The figure reached down, touching his head with its glowing hand.

France sighed in relief as he felt warmth surge throughout his body when the hand made contact.

"Now, live your" the figure spoke softly

The glow from its hand intensified, outshining the day.

France opened his eyes. He still felt weak but he wasn't under his car, he looked around. He's in a hospital room, hooked into various apparatusses.

As he weakly turned his head, two figures ran towards him, with relieved and panicked faces

"Son!" The woman cried. "We're sorry, we're really sorry"

"Mom?" he asked and turned to the man standing beside her. "Dad? What happened."

" into an accident when you tried to run away from home. You've been in a comma for weeks" his father explained with a sad, regretful, hoarse voice as he fought back tears. "I'm sorry son" his tears started flowing out. "We're sorry we made you run away..."

"We should have known we've been pushing too much and we've dominated to much in your life for our own benefits." her mother wept and apologized to him.

Staring at them in shock and confusion, he started recalling what happened. That he did try running away from home. Still one question remained in his head.

"Wh-where is---" he was about to say a name but then thought to himself.


He continued, confused himself for not remembering his brother's name "M-my brother?"

His parents relieved look was mixed with confusion.


Seeing their confused faces he asked. "Wh-what's wrong?"

"Your twin died long ago son, during labor. We told you that already right?" his father replied

"Th-that's why you're much, too precious to us son! You're our only child now. So please don't leave us!" his mother hugged him tightly crying more.

"What?" he was both shocked, but somehow, he felt warmth, the same warmth from that hand

He just sighed with relief and smiled warmly hugging his mother back.

"I know mom. I'm sorry, I wont run away again." he assured her

His father smiled at them and spoke. "Well, so son? What art school do you want to go after you get out of here?"

That was a surprise. He never thought he'd see the day his father would ask that. "A-are you serious dad?" he asked astonished.

"Of course! We won't take away the dream treasured by our son"

The smile on his face overflow with joy. "Thanks dad! Thanks mom!" tears of joy started falling down as he hugged his parents.

"Im sure you'll make me and your mother proud!" his father exclaimed.

"Also my brother!" France added.

"Of course! Even if he's gone, I'm sure he will watch you reach your dreams." his mother smiled warmly.

France averted his gaze towards the window. The sun is still at its peak as the clock says '12:40PM'. On his bedside he saw a tiny glowing ball of light sitting on top of his drawing notebook. The light then got in contact with his notebook as it dissipates in the air as if it melted to the notebook. He smiled at it and nodded hopefully.

"I don't think he was ever gone... It felt like he was always, by my side.

© Copyright 2020 Blankly-Dreaming. All rights reserved.

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