The Sorghum

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this is a poem of nature in plants' brilliance with the The Sorghum as a case study.

The Sorghum

By John Jimoh

Just a seed that kisses the dust

Sparkles of stimuli herald its

Demise, laying wreathe on its

Sepulcher but not so as to wail

For tomb lost firmness to its 

Shoots as its cracks blazed the earth


Sprouting blades and tendrils

Strutting its lushness in the dust

A skin so green and graceful

That the mourners saw and let

Loose the tears of rout and joy

A spectacle that pilfered death's

Prowess and stings.


This seed grows so tall and slim

No mating and flirting yet pregnant

With ears of corn flaunting wealth

And beauty in lavish array

Doting smiles in the sowers' chin

And rumbles in man's belly

The ears are grey for harvest


Its plucks gave men a full

Both the seed, the cobs and

The stem meeting man's need

Puddings and chews are made

The suckling craved for a lick

No spare to its remnant as men

Lashed on its blades for grazes

Leaving the stem dry and wryly

For a fish smoke in the chimney

Submitted: January 29, 2018

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