St Helen Aisle

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Submitted: January 28, 2018

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Submitted: January 28, 2018



St Helen Aisle

By John Jimoh

The serenity of the plain is charming

You can hear the flapping of the wings

Of the willow leaves whispering love

Your hood a nest for birds in shuffle bids

Congregating men in ecological draft

Where animals take same luxury as men

A bond so humane and benevolent

Beautiful hearts and faces seated

In a stunning earth crust of gold liner

flinging its weight on the arc rim of

Liverpool, a cardinal facade of the UKs

Nurturing the ideal society a muse of

The garden of Eden a city-divine!

It is saintly and a model coined in the

Realm of the heaven’s construct

Eyes sink on eyes to foster care

A lullaby not sung but dissolves

Grief borne by one is by all

Like the spectacle of a nation

Full of love and delight in ecstasy

Contending with creeping sinister

A disgust in the sanctuary of the

People with bond of unity

Such a city I see in my dream

With offers of comfort and succor

In the bed of many clouds calling

For the St Helen's romance in the

Aisle of cuddle and warmth

Such a hope delivers to men

The glory of original creation


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