The Torrents of Bradford

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Submitted: January 28, 2018

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Submitted: January 28, 2018



The Torrents of Bradford

By John Jimoh

When was the first time I saw the trees bow?

On my lonely walk to the West Yorkshire

A city seated on the northern sphere

Offering a good painting to the Scotland

There was rage in the surrounds

The earth cries for tyranny

Refusing harmony with all elements in it

Leaves puzzle with the outburst and wind

Homes falling in fierce order with no grip

The aged upon a walk to coffee shops fall

Children lost balance in the gullies fast moving

Cars and elements skid into the tiny air

Cautions defy value in fierce

Squabble with the tempest

And just when I could not fathom it,

Amazes wave hands of confusion to

The mountains and the hills

I held sway in balance and thought

For a finding I saw in it the occurrences of a

Natural storm of time and tide so strong

The season not caught in

The bizarre face of disaster but the torrential

That flies across the sphere

Hitting the coast of Indian and the pacific

Draining Bradford in the ransom of hurricane

The beauties creamed with aggressions

And a song of horror unearthing the meteoric

Theories of geography in global scenery

Each time the season falls on it


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