Macabre Tread of Fantasy

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Submitted: January 28, 2018

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Submitted: January 28, 2018



Macabre Tread of Fantasy

By John Jimoh

Shots from the gory ashes of disillusions

Baring the glories underneath in the sky

Immaculate in order to the glare of all

The wings of success flap abruptly and

Galaxies flank their ecstasy over him

Thrusting his stars to the pinnacle

A triumph in the cog of imagination

Eyes had hardly blinked than he fell

Such a fall with great thuds we never

Heard or seen in human race

A ridicule of disbelief in the archive

Troubles and more troubles sprouting

Every day as he rambles in the ditches

Like a scavenger in the mercies of men

Cries cease to elicit sympathy

And when like a desert he meanders

The clefts speak and the birds chuckle

The voice of death only he could hear

Slowly he treads in the horrible path

Staggering from one end to the other

As he stumbles in the twines and cords

Let down from the gallows with a stool

He sauntered in that direction his solace

And place of honor to hang himself

He made a solemn appeal for suicide

No cracks or daunts to hurt his joy

He made a climb on the stool

Dangled in the height of the gallows

When the stool made a shift

He heaved a sigh his eternal rest

And cried louder when he woke

To find ‘twas a dream of the macabre

A wicked symphony of life in fantasy!

© Copyright 2018 Jakes Jon. All rights reserved.

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