The Mushroom

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The Mushroom

By John Jimoh

This I know humans are spiritual

Staring at the death-soaked fungus

If not on the know

And crawling to dine with the fleshy

Spore-bearing gills that sprout around

Is the paranormal syndrome in the exploit

Of man to grabble the edibles

An edible with no rubrics in the hunting

Sometimes a good chew and sometimes

A poison

What can I see in you, your face a vegetable

And your psychedelics a vitamin

Cruising in cuisines to lay your dowry as

Meat for the vegetable and dietary

The philosophical psilocybin mushroom

Tints a mystical experience in the brains

Liberating those under the drain of

Psychological jumble a call received on

The table of the selenium where minerals

Tackle the liver enzymes with the antioxidants

Fading away the memories of the cancer and

Diabetes in this same human body

With a shot of portabella grills sucking

The sugar plane with its fibre

Such a paradox has left me in the dark

A slaying element fetching cures for man

More in the perturbs when I see the wool

Bowing to the chromophores of the mushroom

Radiating pigments in vivid colors

Alas! Knowledge has failed me except for the

Wikipedia that nudges my curiosity for the

'Shrooms near-endless valuables and nutrients

Making its bed on the earth crust with buds

And mitotic procreation as hopes and

Delights of existence

Submitted: January 29, 2018

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