The Mystical Experience

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Mystical Experience

By John Jimoh

The world has poured out its drones

Noiselessly winging around his mortal

These espionages he saw not but feel

Deeply a monster of monitor in his cosmic

As he lays the trigger on the pull

Reeling shells of grenade into the tiny air

With no tumbling to bear out the counters

Life’s vessel crafting a sliding curvature

As much as he steered for a balance it sinks

It sinks not on a starved tutelage and canon

It sinks not on a crack in the body of the vessel

It sinks because of the outpouring elements

The drones emit from the sky to dissolve and

 Shatter his Vessel of honor and glory

A wreckage suffered in the seat of struggles

And bad as it may be that the crew-

Are not there, a blink of mystery he assembled

A lonely battle and rescue he must embark as

Bashes in secrecy and aerial combats take bites

What spot at a time he must launch his bangs

Gives him a thrust for a lens in micro captures

He made a steer with one hand and with the

Other hand he made a view-concentrate up the

Sky so high leaving visions of the aerial stupefied

Quick searches faster than the goggle's stride his

Camera explores, sifting elements from elements

And when the time revolved in every direction

He made an anchor of the vessel that he may not

Sink and drown- a stagnant sail he suffered again

But he must conquer the battle of the marine

And the aerial drones with no identity but vile

A very long focal gaze gave him the drones' arc

Raging mortars and barrages at the targets with

Overpowering conquest and flag of victory!

Submitted: January 29, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Jakes Jon. All rights reserved.

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