The Atheist Clergyman

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Submitted: January 28, 2018

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Submitted: January 28, 2018



The Atheist Clergyman

By John Jimoh

Controversial in concept and thought

Judgment has lost grasp with the stamen

Upon the whirl of the wind that bares

The plot to murder the sarcasm of faith

In a terrain full of decoy and skepticism

A little spark amplifies the hope of the

Worshippers as much as repel them

Laying an absolute ambush to dichotomy

In the leaving-do speech of the Priest

Unveiling leaks that beat their belief

Their faces went pale and lifeless

Unleashing jiggles between the jaws

I am drained of this fantasy he continued

Memory fails my priestly coronation

Not my enlistment adulation but my quit

My eloquence serves my belle in dismay

Heaping coals of failure upon my stay

When not in sight a creed invokes me to

See the invisible god in the arena of men

How I got to this compromise I know not

Horrors and human degradations flourish

Plunging the servitudes at the pleas of the

Influential and the bullies

The creed tells me he watches over us

My bows I take to walk in the liberty

The liberty that sets my faith on my

Prowess and wits, he waved adieu

Rebukes invaded his valediction with

A comeback entreaties and persuasions

All but to the deaf ears of the walk away


Hush! A soul to hell they lost as prayers

Bang on the forces of raid to slack grip

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