The Anthill

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Submitted: January 28, 2018

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Submitted: January 28, 2018



The Anthill

 By John Jimoh

Bulging shoots of earthenware

Coating the dye of a red tint

The walls, the fence of a city

Like the fountain let loose

In the Ishikari coast of Hokkaido

The size of a nation far away

Flaunting an order of excellence

With an egg-laying queen in the

Heart of the colony gonging

Industry and strength of lushness

In the eusocial conclave heritage

Where no frowns echo in the

Harmony of the workers and

Soldiers’ hymenoptera hooks

Much as the alates swarm in

Nuptial flights to breed progeny

In toils the workers refresh in

A city built in hierarchy like the

Army fortified in the formicary,

Shielding millions of colonies in

The large piles scribed from bit and

Piece of pebbles in their mandibles

Sculpting the exterior look of their

Terrace with a thousand room apart

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