Her Elegance

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Submitted: January 28, 2018

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Submitted: January 28, 2018



Her Elegance

  By John Jimoh

In my lows when all fears were gone

I heard the telephone rang over

The conduit with the flap of my

Left ear on the terracotta floor

Bit of mutters crust the exchange

Enthroning eavesdropping

A string to strain the subject of

Gossip with echoes of her name

Her elegance her ebullience

Can't flush eyes from her in a bit

Breathtaking in stride, exquisite in

Oratory, stunning in look like the flow

Of the morning rivers devoid of

The ocean liners that work shuttles

Inundated the weight of conversation

Courage gave me a bow in naughtiness

Even when eyes quiz for eagerness

All for the goddess of my illusion to see

My limbs went feeble as my longings

Starve in the face of looming rivalry

O poor boy full of mysteries and faith

The earth boils and gave part its ways

In my curiosity a dazzling angel

So alluring as she appears in the aisle

As all stood in awe like the fall of the

Water fountains from the rock

My lips refused seal as my eyes wink

In great joy upon the aura of graces in

Her, a flawless dot for my soars giving

Me the nerve for the dynamics with

Embraces of the elegant and admirable

Woman of virtue full of exploits and

Possessing the world in her folds

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