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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

I took my son in dreams, when I was a child, I was cradling my doll.
I brought my son in tears for all the time my friends announced their pregnancy and I could not.
I brought my son into the rage of having to give it up because he seemed so hard.
I took my son in two pink lines that asked me insidious "hey, are you really ready to change your life?".
I took my son to the bathroom for dark weeks, between vomit and nausea and that mirror that showed me an unrecognizable me.
I brought my son inside my own body.
I fed it with my own blood, I covered it from the weather with my own flesh, I felt it moving under my own hands.
I took my son to a hospital, without imagining how much pain, how much waiting, how much emotion I would have felt.
I brought my son in the eyes fixed on a window looking into the darkness of the night, that night, when he was born.
I brought my son in my hopes of a better day.
This is why it was not difficult to carry it even in a simple band.
Because I always wear it.
And when it is really big to be transported from my own body, then I will untie the knots and do the last thing for the last time, to pull it out and put it on the ground.
From that day, however, I will continue to bring my son, as I have always done and as always I will do.
I will carry it along my life.
Along obstacle courses.
Long success and failure.
Long happy days and less happy days.
Until he is old enough to continue his journey alone.
And even there, I will not stop bringing it.
I will carry it in my heart.
Until the last breath this life will give me.

Submitted: January 29, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Veronica Iezzi. All rights reserved.

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