Silvia's first day of school

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Submitted: January 28, 2018

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Submitted: January 28, 2018



Silvia is five years old. She has thin blue eyes and blonde hair.

Their family left her at school, when she started to cry, because she’s afraid to start her new school life. She misses her old school.
The elementary school in her country is an old blue building.
The children have all between five and ten years old and there are two hundred and fifty students in the school.
Mrs. Lombardi is the Principal. She is a tall, thin woman of about fifty years. For her ways resembles a general.
Silvia's teacher is Miss Daniela Ferrari. The teacher is thirty years old; has a beautiful pale face; She has light eyes and blonde hair. She is thin and seems fragile. She is always quiet and never speak aloud.
Ferrari watches the small and frightened children with tenderness. Those children feel that the
teacher understands their difficulty and they feel affection for her.
The director, Mrs. Lombardi, is exactly the opposite: a ferocious beast that
scares pupils and teachers. She does not walk, marches like a soldier; as she walks she swings her arms. The noise of her steps echoes in the corridors of the school.
If a group of students hinders their way, the director becomes space like a tank: let the children fly to the right and to left.
Silvia thought, “What I do if when I meet someone like her? I must behave as in front of an angry rhinos, climbing on a tree and stay there until she leaves.”
Silvia enters for the first time in the class of the Ferrari teacher.
The teacher makes the appeal, then gives each child a new notebook.
The teacher says, "I hope everyone has a pencil."
"Yes, teacher!" all the children answer in chorus.
"Good. For you today is the first day of school: here you will study for the next 5 years.
Remember that the director is strict and wants you to respect the discipline. Not
discuss in front of her, do not answer badly in her presence. Do what the director says. Have I been clear? " asked the teacher.

All 18 students, like little birds, answered in chorus "Yes, Miss!"
The teacher says, “I want to teach you as much as possible because you have learn a lot. By the end of the week you will have to memorize the table of the two.
At the end of this year you will learn all the tables: up to ten. "
Miss Ferrari gets up. Exits the class. Returns after thirty seconds. She has a book in her hands.  She opens the book randomly. Lays the book right on Silvia's desk and says, "This is a book of humorous poems. Want to try reading one of these poems a
high voice? "
SIlvia reads without difficulty,

The snow.
The mischievous snow
It made a joke this morning:
It went to the garden
And the neighbor's tank
It has enchantedly transformed
In a white ice-cream.

The teacher asks, "Do you know what a white ice-cream is?”
The girl answers, "An ice cream so white as to seem bright?"
"Good. It's a funny poem. But it is not easy to write spiritual poems, it seems easy
but it's not true," adds the teacher.
"I know!" answers Silvia, "I tried to write funny poems but I failed. "
"Really!" exclaims Miss Ferrari, "I'd like to hear your poem! Can you recite your poem?"
The girl replies that at that moment she was thinking of a poem for the teacher.
Miss Ferrari says, “I want to hear the poem,”  but Silvia does not have the courage to act.
At the end she yields; Silvia gets up and says,

My teacher named Daniela
it seemed so perfect right away,
that even having no capital
you would buy another one
to the priceless teacher Daniela.

The beautiful face of Miss Ferrari turns red. Then the teacher smiles and says, “Thank you! It's a very beautiful poem, even if it does not tell the truth. I will try to remember these good thoughts."
Silvia sits down. Her classmate are sure that her poetry tells the truth.
“Miss Ferrari is a dream teacher!” they say.

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