Always Listening To The Tunes Of My Heart

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Submitted: January 29, 2018

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Submitted: January 29, 2018



It suddenly told me to lick the road with my tongue; when I was blissfully driving enchanted by the melody in the air and the surroundings,

It ordered me to eat a blanket of thorns without flinching the slightest; as I was wholesomely lost in my dreams under the enigmatic tree shade,

It told me to soak my head into fetid pools of gutter water; when I was busy sipping voluptuous pints of sugarcane rum in the corridors of the rustic country bar,

It told me to poke my neighbors with sizzling rods of iron; enjoy the agonizing scene that unfurled; as I placidly playing cards with my wife at midnight,

It told me to jump from the aircraft without strapping a parachute on my body; as I lost in due admiration of the cotton cocoon of blue clouds dazzling voluptuously
in the morning light,

It told me to chew balls of steel with stupendous relish; when I was toiling in the fields; waiting anxiously for my crops to reap,

It told me to cut my finger with the gleaming knife; when I was writing a letter to my impeccable beloved,

It told me to cross the street when the lights were still red; brandishing my body against scores of whirlwind vehicles; as I was milking the cow for my morning breakfast,

It told me to hurl out a volley of abashing abuse to the President; when I was infact munching popcorn and watching television,

It told me to bathe in steaming acid use vicious scorpion instead of soap; as I engrossed in bulky files and heaps of paper at office,

It told me to play hide and seek with the diabolical shark; as I blew the ensemble of candles on my birthday cake,

It told me to bash my head umpteenth times against the wall; as I was traversing merrily through the hills; with the girl of my dreams sitting on my shoulder,

It told me to leap up to the sky and steal all the stars; as I addressing the entire planet on the National network,

It told me to swallow the venomous lizard wandering through the thick jungles; as I was sitting in rapt attention; with my eyes focussed towards the deity I profoundly worshipped,

It told me to gallivant stark naked through the town; as I was assiduously involved in decoding peaceful solutions to war,

It told me to count to the number of words I spoke in the day; as I combing my hair blending it with lots of perfumed coconut oil,

It told me to put my hands in the lions mouth; as I was playing with small children; hugging them close to my chest,

It told me to sleep on a bed of smoldering embers; as I was dancing jubilantly after tasting the first success of my life,

It told me to put a battalion of stinging ants in my clothes; as I was shaking hands compassionately with the Magician outside the train,

It told me to walk backwards till I reached the other side of the globe; as I gauge the unsurpassable depth of the valley,

It was a nefarious monster ordering me to execute at times the weirdest of things existing in this world; when infact there was not the slightest of necessity; nor the slightest of compulsion by Almighty Lord to do so,

And that's when I made one solemn resolve of never being a slave of my mind; never yielding to its irascible desires no matter how strongly it dictated me to do so; as I had from now decided to always listen to the tunes of my heart.

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