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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

The amalgamation of clouds in the cosmos; brings tantalizing tumblers of sparkling rain,

The amalgamation of winds from different directions; brings a tumultuously vivacious and enigmatic storm,

The amalgamation of bedraggled fragments of cloth; evolves a fabulously impeccable garment,

The amalgamation of minuscule pinches of sand loitering aimlessly around; eventually culminates into a majestically handsome and fathomlessly
sprawling desert,

The amalgamation of profusely baked bricks; produces a magnanimously fortified and sheltering wall,

The amalgamation of worthless words scattered in the dictionary; blossoms into an emphatically mesmerizing sentence,

The amalgamation of frigidly insipid matchsticks; perpetuates into a royally blazing fire; flaming flamboyantly towards the sky,

The amalgamation of shiny pearls extracted freshly from the oyster; harnesses into a shimmering necklace glowing eye to eye with the crimson Sun,
The amalgamation of infinite waves undulating with ravishing froth; spawns into the boundless ocean; clashing mystically against the chain of scintillating rocks,

The amalgamation of battered looking curled hair; molds into a voluptuous eyelash; stealing your senses like streaks of thunder in the sky,
The amalgamation of variegated crinkly petals; gives rise to an exotic flower; wafting its enchanting fragrance for miles unprecedented,

The amalgamation of several solitary rooms rotting in realms of profound remorse; gives birth to a grandiloquent castle; through which transgressed the
jeweled prince,

The amalgamation of countless births as divinely as the heavens; produces Man; the most incredulously intelligent creation of Almighty Lord,

The amalgamation of unfathomable emotions fulminating rampantly in the soul; triggers the chords of imagination to crop up with a festoon of
unbelievable ideas,

The amalgamation of blood from all religions; produces the most indomitable of tribes; marching unflinchingly to knock the corridors of success,

The amalgamation of dusty books lost for centuries in obsolete wisps of neglected nothingness; produces a cherished library fostering a repertoire of
incomprehensibly priceless literature,

The amalgamation of varied breaths unanimously as one; produces the most tenacious spirit to survive; confronting an insurmountable battalion of satanic
devils without a ripple to the skin,

The amalgamation of unsurpassable sounds together; produces the most astoundingly beautiful song ever conceivable on the trajectory of this vast planet,

And the amalgamation of two passionately palpitating hearts in this Universe; produces the most worshipped gift which we all live and could unhesitatingly
relinquish breath this very minute for; a gift which even the greatest of
Gods salute as love.

Submitted: January 29, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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