An Absolute Winner

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As long as the tree had clusters of leaves covering its naked body; it was in state of perennial bliss; relaxing splendidly in the shade; well sequestered from the acerbic sunshine,

As long as the watery eyeball had a fold of brown skin covering its body; it slept and awoke without the slightest of effort; as when it leisurely wanted,

As long as the bird had an ensemble of ruffled feathers covering her body; she displayed astronomical audacity of soaring high against the most freezing of winds,

As long as the bricks had a fortified coat of cement covering their body; they felt like the strongest entities existing on this earth; having the tenacity to resist even the most tumultuous of earthquake,

As long as the raw bones had a blanket of skin covering their body; they grew and nourished at will; relished the comfort of always being in placid cool; while their covering absorbed all of the sweltering heat,

As long as the sky had a cocoon of clouds covering its body; it was in stupendous rhapsody; being able to rampantly fantasize at will; without the world staring at it; unrelentingly into its eyes,

As long as the conglomerate of yolk and rich protein had a shell of obdurate white covering its body; it harnessed and sprouted perfectly; eventually evolving into a handsome and delectable fledgling with the passage of time,

As long as the barren skull had a shock of curly hair covering its body; it euphorically thrust itself forward; even to confront the most mightiest of blows; feeling relatively safe under the spongy cushion sticking out from it; all night and day,

As long as the flower had a consortium of redolent petals covering its body; it swayed flirtatiously with each draught of wind; twinkled merrily under the star studded midnight,

As long as the swirling ocean had infinite granaries of salt to cover its body; it resembled a majestic prince; with scores of vivid fish and aquatic life inhabiting its salubrious waters,

As long as the teeth had a sheen of enamel to cover their body; they uninhibitedly became ready to chew virtually anything; ranging from unripe plums to the hardest of steel circulating in the markets,
As long as the candle had an enclosure of emerald glass to cover its body; it burnt flamboyantly with passionate intensity; even in the midst of a cyclonic storm,

As long as the golden ink had the capsule of fountain pen to cover its body; it oozed out harmoniously in sporadic intervals; inundating blank sheets of paper with exquisite lines of calligraphy,

As long as white electricity had boundless tunnels of plastic to cover its body; it ran at lightening speeds without any skepticism of hurting anyone; and yet at the same time illuminating the entire township with brilliant light,

As long as the child had its mother to cover its tiny body; it bounced boisterously; mischievously smiling and discovering a host of new things every second,

As long as the heart had love to cover its throbbing body; it simply refused to quit beating; continued to live and exist immortally beyond the definition of time,

And as long as a human being had God to cover his body; he didn't face any difficulty whatsoever in leading life; and inspite of being encapsulated with hordes of barricades and dilemmas; he always emerged an absolute winner under the sacrosanct cover of the Almighty Creator.

Submitted: January 29, 2018

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