An Island Of Loose Sand

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I buried myself deep into an island of loose sand; sprawled in abundance on the solitary street,
Warm moisture clinging to mud; like the vise like grip of a mother,
Blended profusely with an agglomerate of loose stone and fish shell,
Perspiring voraciously in the sweltering heat of the stringent day,
Loads of contaminated debris neatly aligning its periphery,
Frigid particles of soil flying high and handsome in violent puffs of wind,
Rustic chameleons slithering harmlessly past rotund rocks settled in the clay,
Finely crushed sand glittering like an opalescent mirror in the flaming Sun,
Multi legged roots of the uprooted tree; lying obsolete amidst a mountain of earth,
The conglomerate of golden sand shimmered magnanimously in the hostile beams of Sun.

A plethora of earth worms tickled intricate zones of my ear,
Red ants in clambered up my bare chest; stinging my supple flesh,
There was perennial darkness encapsulating my silhouette,
I breathed heavily in a dense ambience of mud and slippery fossil,
There was no scope for vociferous noise; I barely possessed the power to whisper,
Incessantly blending my hands in the mystical wetness; I tumultuously fantasized about lush green lawns on the pastoral slopes,
Ostentatious palaces of pure sandalwood; fighter jets flying at swashbuckling speeds,
Unrelenting rain pelting down showering solid medallions of glistening gold,
I suddenly felt thoroughly exhausted; parched regions of my throat wailed  exorbitantly for cool water,
Infinite hours of sleeping under sand had sapped indispensable energy from
my bones,
Eventually prompting me to dismantle the web of silver granules,
And as I audaciously stepped out in the brilliant light of the moon,
I was a sight to be ludicrously stared at; evoking a volley of incoherent laughter from the pedestrians,
With every arena of my persona being submerged in disdainful coats of mud,
Obnoxious molecules of sand extruding from a battalion of territories in my body.

Submitted: January 29, 2018

© Copyright 2022 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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