Anecdotes Of Fantasy

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Submitted: January 29, 2018

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Submitted: January 29, 2018



When i feel happy and bustling with youth,
the atmosphere sprinkled with petals of palpable emotion,
i embrace semicircular pillars of white stone with a vice like grip.

when i feel besieged with waves of despondence,
inflated bubbles of energy pierced with daggers of revenge,
i stare nonchalantly at clouds swimming in the sky.

when i feel exhausted with mounting tasks of the day,
clothes soaked wet in pools of dripping sweat,
i suspend my feet in salty water of the ferocious sea.

when i feel pangs of hunger striking walls of long intestine,
dreary body frame succumbs to an unnatural siesta,
i stretch my mouth palette wide to swallow large chunks of roasted potato.

when i feel tickled rolling in languid blades of grass,
grey lizards traverse rough barks of live tree wood,
i inhale air in lungs, scream in ecstasy flexing vocal chords deep down my throat.

when my fingers swell with incessant clinging to fountain pen,
mental imagery fluctuates in relation to school text load,
i massage both palms vigorously with herbal turmeric balm.

when i fly in the aircraft at unsurpassable heights from ground,
the flight steward serves tall beer mugs of juice,
i feel like floating in blue air of the bare sky,
with my body strapped firmly to chords of parachute.

when i feel the world frantically running after me,
there exists no peace at all quarters of the city,
i enclose myself in soundproof walls of my submarine,
listen to melodious tunes of Egyptian music.

when i envisage  the poor shivering in icy winds of winter,
stunningly rich trading wealth in polished glass walls of the kingly casino,
i feel like distributing minuscule fractions of their affluence,
to my human counterparts on the brink of extinction.

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