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What is this strange feeling? Nothing makes sense to the man although there might be a simple explanation.

Submitted: January 29, 2018

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Submitted: January 29, 2018





The voice of the man put me in a state of permanent trance.

Every uttered word seemed to put me in a deeper transcendence.

My state of mind shifted from reality to sur-reality, the man morphed into a sage with a long white beard right in front of my eyes.

The sage's wisdom was unparalleled and he shared his beliefs and disbeliefs with me.

Still struck by his words, the sage within the blink of an eye turned into a strange looking mammal with the gift of speech.

None of his words however made sense to my incoherent mind.

The mammal seemed upset about my well-being but none of his gestures made sense to me.

Suddenly I could make out a sentence and the mammal asked me if I was alright.

With time I regained my consciousness and learned a valuable lesson.

Never take anything from a homeless person again.


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