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Any decision no matter how miniscule can lead to a bad day as Cynt soon finds out.

Submitted: January 29, 2018

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Submitted: January 29, 2018



You ever wondered if you had made a single different choice things may have turned out different. I'm not talking about huge life altering decisions such as going to college, proposing, or buying a house. No, I’m talking about every day mundane decisions. Do I take a right or left? Do I take the highway or back roads? Easy decisions. Every day decisions every person in the world makes. Well, I'm going to tell you about the day I made all the wrong choices and had the worst day of my life. It all began on a Saturday morning when I decided to skip work. After lying to my boss about not feeling well, I dialed my bestie, Rain.


“Hey girl what you doing?” I stretched my long unshaven legs. The stubble highly visible on my light skin.

“Nothing much. Why what's up?” Rain replied with a yawn. I forgot it was like the crack ass of dawn.

“My bad Rain, I'm playing hooky from work, what kind of trouble are we getting into today?”

“Girl you do realize it is six in the morning. My brain does not began to function until nine. Call me back. Love you.” Rain hit me with the dial tone. I cracked up laughing because I should have known better than to call so damn early.


I wish I had seen that as a sign and cut my idea as short as Rain's call. But nope. I continued to roll down bad decision road on a pair of souped-up roller blades.


After my conversation with Rain, I took another look at my bristly legs and figured what the hell might as well shave. I couldn't find a razor in the bathroom so I threw on some clothes and dashed down to the pharmacy on the corner. On the way in I noticed a flyer for a Greek mythology themed street fair.


“Hmmm, today at twelve. Sounds interesting. Rain is so going to love this, a day long dive into Medusa's lair. Awesome.” I took note of the time and place hurried into the pharmacy. The pimply faced stock boy was ogling some young girls ass when I asked him to show point me in the direction of the razors, he pointed to the back. I remembered thinking what a creep he was when my attention was temporarily captured by a magnificent specimen of a man blessing the sleep aid aisle with his perfection. Hmpf, give me one hour sir and I will be your personal dose of melatonin, you caramel masterpiece. Then his eyes met mine and I nearly plowed down a hand sanitizer display getting to the cash register. However, I did catch a glimpse of his exquisite smile just before I nearly killed myself. The stock boy strode over to the sleep aid aisle with a smirk. I paid for my purchase and high-tailed it back to my apartment to shave.


The extra smooth finished product prompted me to wear a mini skirt instead of the sensible pair of jeans like the ones I had removed to shave. By the time I was finished marveling at myself in the mirror it was after ten.


“That little witch didn't even attempt to call me back,” I dialed my bestie once again.

“Better. Now, what do you want?” Rain answered. I laughed.

“Me. You. Greek mythology fair. Get dressed it starts at noon.” It is always best to get to the point when speaking with Rain or she will read you.

“Cynt, you never skip work. Are you feverish?” Rain asked me with a mouth full of what I could only assume was apple cinnamon oatmeal.

“Because I can woman now are you down or what?” I hadn't gotten around to telling my best friend of eleven years about what went down at work yesterday. It was too humiliating. Skipping work today seemed like the best the time.

“I can not pass up a chance to get up close and personal with Medusa. You know Jeremy gonna miss you at work today girl, who else is he gonna accidentally rub up against at the copier.” a snort sounded through the receiver. My stomach knotted up like a boa constrictor squeezing the life from its dinner. Jeremy was the last person I wanted on my mind.

“I'm sure he will figure something out.” My throat tightened as the words tumbled from my mouth.

“Okay girl, I guess I will get the scoop later.” we talked a few more minutes and then agreed I would pick her up at twelve so we could take that half-hour drive to the fair together. I should have paid more attention to the rear-view mirror.


Three hours into the fair we had had enough. Rain and I were making our way to the parking area when I spotted him.

“Omg, Rain its him,” I clutched at her arm. She had a cola in her hand and in my mad grab for her arm I caused her to spill it all over her light colored blouse.

“Thanks Cynt,” she said swiping at the growing stain on her shirt, “him who?”

“The caramel god from the pharmacy. What are the effen odds of me seeing him here today?” I promptly began tugging at my skirt and fussing with my messy bun. I plucked my expensive lip gloss from my purse and re-shined my already shiny lips.

“Oh, the guy you were drooling over when you almost tore up the pharmacy,” she said casually as she searched the crowd, “where is he?” I could tell Rain was a wee bit pissed at me for ruining her new shirt. But she'd get over it.

“You can't miss him girl three o'clock with the gray sweats on,” a bit of saliva just about dripped down my chin.

“What the hell girl, three o'clock? Just point,” I grabbed Rain's head and turned it toward the walking pillar of perfection, “Damn girl he is fine and he's coming this way. Do you see that print?” a small grunt escaped her lips, “Thanks for ruining my shirt now I have to hide.” She rattled at me through a brilliant smile as her well proportioned body moved partially behind mine.


“Hey, didn't I see you in the pharmacy this morning,” my caramel king asked.

“Yeah that was me, didn't think you saw me,” I lied because I knew damn well that he saw me.

“Hello,” Rain said from my back, “I'm Rain and this is Cynt. And your name?” This is why I loved Rain she was so direct. He peeked around my shoulder at Rain and smiled at me before responding.

“Hello Rain, Cynt, I'm Isaiah,” He extended his hand, “Nice to meet you both.”

“Likewise Isaiah,” I stammered. It was so annoying when I liked a guy. I turned into a bumbling idiot. Thank god for Rain.

Oh and don't worry my next bad decision was coming up in less than a minute.

“So, Isaiah here alone?” Rain asked still hiding her stained shirt behind my back.

“Yeah, and it appears you two lovely ladies are heading to the parking lot.” My heart was pounding so hard against my chest bone there was no way Rain didn't hear.

“Yeah, its looking a little overcast,” which was complete bullshit because the sun was beaming in my face which had turned a bright shade of red. Rain pinched my arm. Isaiah glanced at the cloudless sky and flashed that spectacular smile.

“We're headed in the same direction. I'm leaving too. Do you two want to join me at The Shady Drinker. First drink on me.” that damn smile again. How was I supposed to say no?

“Sounds like fun, but umm Cynt has to take me home to change, right Cynt?” Rain poked me in my side. I loved my girl but after catching Jeremy in a lip lock with the UPS man yesterday, I needed a win. I looked at Isaiah for a moment before answering. His eyes were unmistakably advising me to follow him.

“Can you give us a moment Isaiah?” I asked with my syrupy sweet customer service tone.

“Sure, I will be right over there,”Jeremy walked toward the street vendor selling shish kabobs. Rain started going off before I could utter one word.


“I hope you are not seriously considering going to a bar at three thirty in the afternoon girl. That is a serious indication he has a problem. You said he was in the sleep aid aisle right?” Her brow was furrowed and lips tooted as she tapped her foot on the ground. Rain so reminded me of my mom.


“Rain its a bar on a Saturday afternoon after a fair. There is nothing wrong with that. How did you arrive at the conclusion he has a problem from a thirty second conversation?” Rain was overreacting and I needed a drink.

“Well, first off why is he here alone? Where are his friends? Cute guys are not usually alone unless they are psychopaths. Second, with a print that size in those gray sweats, girl I know there is some nutso girlfriend or babymama running around here crazy over his ass. Girl just say no. Even the name of the bar is suspect. Besides, we came together we leave together.” She folded her arms. I only heard one valid point in her argument, which I was about to parry.

“Oh come on Rain, remember that time when you met that guy in the club. The Trey Songs look a like and you sent me home in an Uber?” Rain nixed her teeth. “Yeah you remember, well I'm going to do you one better, you take my car and meet us at the bar after you've changed.” Rain peeked around my shoulder at Isaiah, who was still at the kebab cart speaking with the owner, who was also on his cell.


“Keep your phone on your body and leave it on vibrate. I will be there in about an hour girl. And don't do nothing I wouldn't do.” I smiled at my friend and we both walked over to Isaiah.

“So ladies are you done debating my trustworthiness?” he said with a grin. I was in full swoon mood, this guy didn't even get meat in his teeth while eating his kabob.

“Yeah…for now. I will be meeting you two at the bar so don't try and lead my friend off to your sex den.” Isaiah laughed and I was mortified.

“And I'm hitching a ride with you- if you don't mind,” I added in a haste. I didn't want to seem overbearing. Rain had blasted him enough.

“Works for me.” We all walked toward the parking area and Rain jumped in my car and we left in his. Again, had I bothered to check the rear-view mirror. I would have noticed the car pull out behind Rain.


True to his word, Isaiah brought the first drink. The Shady Drinker was extremely crowded for a Saturday afternoon. We talked and drank and drank some more. The drinks were most assuredly undiluted because my head was swimming after the first one. The shaded palm trees all around the bar weren't helping matters. And when I say shaded, I mean the palm trees were decked out in actual shades. The weirdest bar I have ever been to. I checked the time. It had been two hours and Rain hadn't contacted me, which was highly unusual.

“Isaiah I have to call my friend. She said she would be here in an hour and she hasn't shown. I'm worried.” my words slurring.

“My bad Cynthia. When you went to the bathroom you left your phone on the bar. Rain called and said she was going to be late. She said something about a surprise delivery? She didn't elaborate. I told her I would have you call her back. I forgot.” Isaiah lifted his drink with a shrug.

“Really, oh, strange.” My spidey sense was tingling but I didn't want to ruin our good time. Did I tell him my name was Cynthia? “Did Rain say she would call back or did she want me to call her?”

“Nope, she said don't worry she would be here soon, after she threatened to slice my balls if I harmed you.” he grinned that hypnotic smile. That sounded like Rain so like an idiot I dismissed my inner sober self screaming at me to call her and verify.


“I'm going to the bar, you want another sloe screw” Isaiah asked with a smirk. The drink was slowly screwing my sobriety, and I was loving it. Against my better judgment I said yes to another drink. I wouldn't call myself a heavy drinker but I was known to handle my liquor. However, today the drinks seemed to be going straight to my head. I picked up my phone. The numbers were doing the lambada. I drew in a deep breath and closed one eye. It didn't help. Maybe I should have passed on the last drink. I couldn't even remember my passcode to open up the dial pad. So I gave up and put my phone back on the table. I glanced up and saw Isaiah walking up stirring the drink in his hand. His hands were going two times the normal speed or it could have just been my blurred vision.


“Here you go,” he placed my drink on the table, “Did Rain call you back?” Isaiah asked. It was getting increasingly more difficult to concentrate on his voice over the sounds of boisterous conversation in the bar.

“No, I can't see the numbers on my phone,” I responded. I didn't even recognize my own voice I was slurring so much. “Maybe I shouldn't drink this,” I pushed the glass to the side a little splashing some on the table and I leaned in closer to Isaiah, “I think I may be a tad intoxicated,” I said with a loud hiccup. “Oops,”


Isaiah smiled. It reminded me of a cartoon character who was up to no good. “Just take a sip. I made it special for you.” His gaze traveled to the door. I turned to see who had caught his attention. Two guys had meandered into the now suddenly over-crowded bar. They nodded in his direction. I recognized one of the guys but I couldn't recall from where. The room was doubling and tripling at this point and my stomach was feeling queasy.

“I'm not feeling to well Isaiah, I need to call my friend. I should get home.” I made a sloppy attempt to stand and plopped back into the chair.

“Whoa, take it easy Cynt. I'll take care of you,” His once velvety voice now sounded slimy and dirty. I had a sudden urge to haul ass out of the Shady Drinker and not look back.


But I didn't.


I sat there and did as I was told. I took another sip of my sloe screw. The lubricious pair approached the table. The pimply faced young one looked as if he wasn't old enough to walk past this bar let alone come inside and the other guy smelled like grilled meat. I wanted to take a bite of him and vomit at the same time.


“What up fellas, did you take care of that?” Isaiah asked.

“Yeah,” Said the pimply faced young guy. I knew his face. Was he famous? Did I go to school with him? The sloe screw sloshed around in my belly every time my body took a sharp sway to the side.

“Perfect,” Isaiah answered

“We good on this end?” Asked the meat guy. Isaiah laughed.

“It was easier than I thought.”

Every conversation in the shady bar was beginning to blend together like one loud ass person having a one-sided shouting match with me. My head was ringing and I could barely keep my eyes open. I only heard snippets of the powwow the three guys standing around me were having but I'm pretty sure it was about me. Something about ripe and ready and a car being discarded, I heard Rain's name or were they saying it was raining. I was so out of it as this point. I didn't even realize my head was on the table.

“Is she ok?” a females voice rang through the fog in my head.

“One too many sloe screws,” I heard a male voice answer. I wanted to cry out I wasn't, but I couldn't. I felt a strong arm encircle my waist and a firm hand grab my arm and place it around someone's neck. My feet moved of their own accord as I was led out of the bar. The fresh air hitting my face did nothing to wake me up. I blacked out after this moment.


I came to staring down at the body in the ditch. I had no clue where I was, how would anyone else? What happened? How did it go this far? As I looked at the skirt pulled up around my waist and panties around my ankle, all could think was one different decision could have prevented this entire scenario. If I chosen to go to work would me and my best friend still be alive.









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