The 'He' I speak of; My Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Contently Deranged Travelers

Began writing this in 2017 and just found it in my journal and finished it off

He talked about his loved ones as if they were already gone

And he figured he would be dying soon-

That it was what was destined all along.

I waited near the door until the afternoon

But he never came home.

He said it was his choice and he had to choose

And I was lying to myself thinking

He’d make the right one.

I’m lying if I said I never loved him.

It’s just easier to say I never did.

I’m lying thinking I tried everything I could.

I could have stopped him from jumping.

I could have got up sooner and followed him;

By the time I got to the bridge,

He had already leapt.

I almost  jumped in after him

But I couldn’t let the monster

Take the both of us.

The monster named depression-

That seems to take all the ones we love.

I had to go on living

For him and for me,

Until my heart stops beating.

It’s what he would have wanted-

For me to live happy and long.

It’s the only way to fight back

And prove that demon wrong.

Submitted: January 29, 2018

© Copyright 2021 unmasked delusions. All rights reserved.

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Powerful stuff, unmasked. Glad to see from your previous reply that it's not based on a true event in your life -- shows how much feeling you poured in to it to make it seem that way. An emotional read!

Tue, January 30th, 2018 5:55pm


Hey Hully, thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment. I appreciate your words.

Wed, January 31st, 2018 9:54am

Lionel Walfish

A heart-breaker for sure, but thankfully the element of hope wins out.
This is so heartfelt, it's an amazing write!

Wed, January 31st, 2018 2:50pm


Hi, Lionel.
I'm glad you think so :) thanks for the comment

Wed, January 31st, 2018 9:50am

The Eldritch Author

Chilling, moving, emotionally captivating. Excellent work, as usually.

Fri, February 16th, 2018 6:21am


I like how you described it and I'm glad you thought it was all of those things. Thanks for reading

Thu, February 15th, 2018 10:39pm


Good work

Sat, June 9th, 2018 1:25pm


Thanks. I'm not on booksie much anymore but still receive people's comments on past work. I appreciate the read. How have you been?

Sat, June 9th, 2018 7:41am

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