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Submitted: January 29, 2018

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Submitted: January 29, 2018



Human life would be better by being something other than mortal human; to be immortals?  If this is the wish of humankind (life without death), life without death is more decaying? Though, every mortal loves to be Immortal, do n’t you think immortals run into "immortal bore syndrome”. Instead of being immortal, the real value of our lives is in how we use our time as we journey from the womb to the tomb.

Oscar wilder’s character Dorian Gray very human in every way. He's good, he's bad; he's beautiful, he's hideous; he's perfect, he's terribly flawed. Dorian identifies his beauty as his only worthwhile quality and portrayed himself as an ornamental creature. He ignores inner beauty, Soul. So, he barters his soul for eternal youth, become wicked and immoral in the process. When he realizes his greatest mistake, he has to suffer the loss of eternal value of the Soul.

Dorian Gray ignores the truth that while living is being, dying is also being. Death is also part of life; it brings a sense of satisfaction for having lived as human and be humane. We, human beings, do not realize that the true value lies in our innocence and purity.  The innocence and purity lend an enchanted touch to the physical beauty a kind of magical appeal. The picture-perfect good looks are the only thing that keeps us going; we live purely for physical pleasure, wealth, fame and delight in our own aesthetic physical qualities. This is the conscious concern, the economic logic.

But we ignore the art and power of the subconscious, the metaphysical entity. Subconscious delivers an inner aesthetic sense of wellbeing, devotion, strives for moral logic and gives us perennial happiness while we live, which is eternal and universal.

As we all know, the nature and formation of life on earth is the quintessence of mortal elements and spark of the soul within us is a ray of light from the universe. That is what makes life on earth “quiddity” in the universe and being born as the human is also the one-time manifestation.

Let me take one moment before I conclude. A great difference between the womb and the tomb is the w and the t!  Wasted Time! We waste great and precious time as we journey from the womb to the tomb; in the end, we remember the w and the t in a simple statement of regret, ‘have we known’ the wasted time?

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