7th Birthday

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Her Special Place with Special Remorse

Submitted: January 29, 2018

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Submitted: January 29, 2018



" 7th birthday"



There is this one story about this one girl who always comes and visits the place filled with random memories that makes her heart melt.

Flashback keeps coming to her mind, Mix emotions lingers inside her. She loves to see those Christmas lights that blinked beautifully every night.

In front of her is the ocean that comes at night. The place where she is right now, is a special place for her.

She can't tell if she'll be happy or sad while remembering those important good and bad moments that had happened. Which she can't easily forget.

The first time she cried was the time when she was waiting for her mom that had been gone for a long time.

She waited, but at the end of the day it was all put in just a waste. She left the place with overflowing tears while pain invaded her heart.

The next day, hoping her mom will do what she promised to comeback, she comes back to the place where she was yesterday. As the Christmas lights turns on,

she sees her mom across the road. Tears of joy are hard to hold in. She was very happy that her mom did what she promised to her. Her mother really loves her.


Time passed and it was her 7th birthday. Her dad, relatives and loved ones were all gathered for the party. The day went well but then she looked for her mom.

Her dad asked her "What's the problem?" she replied with a question as well. "I'm waiting for my mom. She will come here right?" Her dad replied with a half

smile and brought her to a cake shop where she saw her mom holding a box of cake. She smiled at her mom and stared at her for a moment before running towards her, hugging her tightly. The girl cried, " Thank you, mom for doing what you promised to visit me on my birthday" the girl smiled. She looked at her mom who has

tears in her eyes "I bought you a cake, the flavor you like, see?" her mom's voice were stuttering. "Mom are you ok?" the girl asked her. "I'm sorry dear, mommy has

to go". Her mom answered hugging her before leaving. The girl didn't know what to do but stand there watching her mom go, hopping her mom would change her mind to leave.


Ever since that day she keeps coming back to that place hoping to see her mom but then she never came. The girl got tired of waiting and as the time goes by she learns to be alone and tries to forget everything but she can't.




Written by: V.O

© Copyright 2018 Vodacious. All rights reserved.

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