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This is a pure story of two kids who turned a good friends but all of a sudden something got changed between them and now you can not find them talking and sharing things with each other.

Submitted: January 30, 2018

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It is my favorite hobby to spend little time with me so that i can motivate and restore myself. To feel fresh or distress myself, I always make my way to the stairs at the little space from where I can easily see children playing, running, jumping or cycling away from all the tensions and worries. Trust me viewing their pleasure of joy and happiness is the best way to relax and pacify yourself because it will automatically take you to your childhood or to the memories that will surely makes you smile. Also directly or indirectly these little ones teaches us many things through their everyday activity and play on mode.

To be very honest when I am with myself, I am so lost in my own world that, i hardly pay attention to anything. But one fine evening I was standing at my little space and watching the children outside when suddenly I spotted something- I saw, behind one huge gate at my neighborhood a boy predictably of 4yrs old, was standing and peeping at the other children that were playing and enjoying among themselves. Though he was equally happy seeing them playing but I really ignored and started glimpsing to the other sight.  On the same day, I noticed a girl predictably 5yrs old, was standing at her door and instead of playing; she too was watching the activities done by other kids. I smelled something fishy but really overlooked them and went off for doing other work.

Next day again my eyes stopped on that boy and girl. Well, this time instead of unnoticing them a question raised in my mind! Why instead of standing and watching to other kids, these two go out and play with them?

 Aha! Once I thought maybe he and she are not well that’s why they are not playing or sarcastically they haven’t yet completed their homework and got a punishment of not going outside.

Whatever it was; but now my eyes catches only a view of these two kids and mind wants the answer to only one question- why they don’t go out to play with others. Though it was not my cup of tea, still I started baking my own assumption. I really got desperate to find out the real reason behind it.

And fortunately, few days later I found out the real purpose as why these two don’t go out to play. Well, the boy can’t step out from his home to play as his mom has given him the strict warning for not going out and children don’t allow that girl to come and join them up. Thus, standing at the corners they playfully shout and enjoy by their own.

After finding the truth about these two I asked to myself and smiled a slight; is it really a mystery that got unfolded or it was just a waste of time- I actually don’t know but I felt relaxed.

Few days later, on one good day I was extremely amazed to see something; the little boy extended his tiny hand from the block of his huge gate and gave a gesture of calling someone. Few minutes later the girl who used to stand alone came running towards him and held his hand. They smiled, shouted crazily and talked in joy which was clearly visible from so far. Though I regularly visit my place but I was little surprised and thought how and when friendship blossomed between these two. Once again my mind was full of question but this time I really made myself calm and leaving every question aside, I actually rejoiced watching them and smiled on their cute talks. Now with each passing day I can see and feel that their friendship is getting stronger. The way they share everything what all they did throughout the day, it gives me the feeling that they actually had found solace in each other’s presence because while talking it is noticeable that they hold each other’s hand from the block of the gate.

In between the span the girl got a brand new bicycle. The dazzling pink color cycle was shinning in the light rays of sun when she came out from her house and showed to him. The boy happily jumped in joy with the wow! Kind of expression but from that day something got changed between them. While she was showing her cycle to him at the same time other group of children came and started appreciating her cycle. Among them some kids asked friendship to her while other asked to join them for a ride. The little boy interrupted their talk and said she is not going anywhere, as he has to share a talk with her but paying no attention to him, the girl straight away took her cycle and went off with them. The boy was surprised and I was equally surprised by her act but we both went for our respective work.

From that day the girl hardly comes to meet the little boy. I can see the boy badly waits for her. He peeps from the blocks just to have the glimpse of her but unfortunately he couldn’t see her. Sadly he turned around and started playing by his own. He picked a chalk from the ground and made some drawing. He successfully completed making the art by several times rubbing it. As he stood up making it girl called him from behind. He got so happy and happily showed her his drawing. After few minutes the girl left though he asked her not to go but she loudly said she is going to watch her favorite cartoon. Standing so far I only smiled on their cute carefree activity which is full of innocence.

It is more than 2 days boy as usual came near to his huge door and became sad looking at the locked doorway of the girl as she went out of the city with her family. In the absence of her he sits on the ground, his eyes are stuck to the enormous sky. I think the flying bird or the moving airplane inspires him a lot that’s why he happily talks and share things with them.

One afternoon everyone was relaxing and chilling in the warmth of soft rays after dense fog. I was busy in doing some household work when suddenly I heard a loud voice of boy saying ‘Give Me One’ and not just once he was repeatedly saying the same thing I got restless and went to see what is all going on outside. I stepped up and was quietly trying to figure out what is the matter. Well within few minutes I was clear with the situation. Actually the little girl has returned from long break with her family. She was carrying a packet of some chocolates and gifts. The other children straight away followed her to the house as she was distributing the same among all of them. It seems that it was some special day of her. Without bothering for once she paid no attention to the voice of the little boy. The boy was shouting, jumping, hopping at the top and demanding to ‘Give Him Also the gift and Chocolate’ but the girl fully ignored him. Other kids were with her and they were laughing and shouting in joy after receiving the small stuffs from her, as it was clearly visible to me and to the boy.  The boy took long breath after loud shouting and calmed himself. He was having full confidence in his friendship, he thought that after few minutes she will come to him but unfortunately she proved him wrong and he was quietly watching to that entire thing that were going in her house. The children happily came out from her house carrying sweets and some gifts and showing in fun way to the boy to make him jealous. Strangely, one other girl came out from that group and informed to the boy that she will not come to him unless he goes to her. After hearing this boy once again shouted in a loud voice taking the girl name and asked her to ‘Give him also’. Few people also came out from their house to see why the boy is shouting so loud. On the other side girl closed her door, went inside but the boy repeatedly shouted till he was fully exhausted. Quickly his mother came scolded and took him along with her. All of a sudden it was silence everywhere. Everyone went to his or her respective work. The childish, restless, sad voice of boy made my heart to skip a beat. I was lost in a thought that why didn’t after so many calling the girl came once to him? What is the reason that she acted so rude to him?

Well, There was no one who can give me the answer so I too sadly came down to my room.

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