In an alternate reality where history differs from our own. In the 17 century ,America and China are at war,Cowboys Vs Ancient Chinese Warriors. China was in it's Qing Dynasty with it's leading war
General ,Zhide leading the assault on the American Cowboys.

One day,gunpowder is invented by the cowboys,which spiraled China right into the edges of defeat until Zhide decides that he has to seek an alternative power,a legend that grants him an
unbelievable hopefully save what remains of his home...

Table of Contents

Chapter 0-Intro

Chapter 0-Intro   In an alternate reality   Where history differs from existing ones. In the Year 1704,a wa... Read Chapter

Ancient Legends

Ancient Legend   The following story will be only in English for easier understanding.   In an alternate realit... Read Chapter

Weaponised Era

Weaponized Era   Zhide sat in front of the dining table,staring blankly at his bowl of rice,barely touching it.His mind was ... Read Chapter

Uninvited guests from another realm

Uninvited guests from another realm   Zhaoming didn't want to look back at the battlefield. But his curiosity overtook h... Read Chapter

Demons and Legends

Demons and Legends   The samurai had a smokey aura seemingly being emitted from within the chunks of his black and gold armo... Read Chapter

The Mystical Power

The Mystical Power   "I....I understand."Xiangli forced those words out of her. "You don't deserve this.But it is the on... Read Chapter

Broken Promises

Broken Promises   "We have given them enough time.We cannot wait ANY LONGER!"Lietunant Oliver stressed. Jake Robiligo,Ge... Read Chapter


Vulnerability   The lady spread her insect like wings as she took off her kimono,revealing a blood red streamlined armour an... Read Chapter

Enemy Rescue

Enemy Rescue   The lady demon,known as Firefly tried spraying fire out of her mouth but fortunately,the steel mask placed on... Read Chapter

Good within Evil

Good within Evil     Ancient Tokyo,Japan 1000hours   "YAMADA!"Shogun could remember his wife calli... Read Chapter


Breach   Tokyo,Japan 0900hours   Shogun recalled the first time he saw these space black clouds swirling ar... Read Chapter

The Ultimate Sacrifice

The Ultimate Sacrifice   American Cowboys and Chinese Warriors,Year 1701   Fighting a war that had been set up ... Read Chapter

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