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Ancient Legend


The following story will be only in English for easier understanding.


In an alternate reality.

On where history differs from our own.

One where legends possessed incredible abilities.................



 It was the year 1704.

Or for China,it was the Qing Dynasty.One of the most peaceful time periods in Chinese history until years ago,where a civil war broke out between China and America,where in this reality already had cowboys in their history.






The outskirts of Guangzhou.

Sometime in the middle of dawn.


 Zhide stood at the front of his horse carriage and looked over to the horizon of the morning sun rising magnificently to the sky. The morning rays of sunlight was trickling into the battlefield,the abandoned city of Guangzhou where part of the sunlight was gently seeping into his skin,the warmth greatly comforting him physically but mentally,the atmosphere was cold and tense.


Zhide gripped his sword,a silver blade about a metre long with gold pieces spread across it to perfectly balance every swing.Zhide swung his blade out and pointed it into the air,leaping off his carriage and onto a green jade and bronze armored horse before turning around to face the army of ten thousand warriors behind him.


It was a mighty and intimidating sight,but he wished he could say this army could help him win the war.

Especially when the enemy had something equally impressive. 


There were several battalions of men on horses,all of them armored and armed with bows and spears while the men on the ground,armed with shields that are two meters high coated in obsidian black armour and spikes at the front of the shield with a horrifying picture of a ragn's face carved right into the heart of the shield.


 The army was spanning across three kilometers ,the weapons being reflected brightly by the sunlight and the sheer might of every march this army takes would sound like an earthquake.

"MEN!"Zhide raised his sword and yells,his mighty voice echoing throughout the battlefield.


His men slammed their weapons and shield on the ground as the impact of thousands of heavy metal slamming into the ground made the ground shake and the thunderous echoes blasting into his eardrums,but Zhide was used to it and in a way,that sound made Zhide feel battle,it reminded him that he was not alone. 



His army cheers as two men on horses ,one in full golden armour and the other in silver strolled up beside him."My legion's scout reports that the Americans are only a kilometer away,they should be in sight in a few minutes. "the guy in golden armour,Zhide's brother Zhaoming says.

"We must prepare."the guy in silver armour,Zhengli says.


"Is the formation in place?"Zhide asks.

"In place and ready for your command."Zhengli confirms.


Zhide forced out a smile,determined to appear as powerful and fearless as he could for his men,but deep down,he was also as nervous as everyone else.Out of the blue,a deep born bellowed through the atmosphere ,echoing through the valleys.


The enemy had arrived.


Shortly after the sound of the horn faded out of existence ,the rage filled voices of thousands of men yelled ,followed by a volley of arrows being shot into the air,blocking out the sunlight and speeding straight towards Zhide and his army.

"SHIELDS!"Zhaoming yells as he,Zhide and Zhengli grabbed a shield lying by the side of their horses and raised it above their heads,successfully blocking several of the arrows.As soon as the attack stopped,Zhide lowered his shield and spots thousands of shadows charging towards them as he quickly points his blade towards the enemy.

"ARCHERS!FIRE FLAMES!"he commands.

Zhide's army chanted out cheers as from behind him,brightly lit flaming arrows shot towards the enemy.The flames sunk into the enemy crowds,but it barely did anything as the enemy who fell were quickly replaced by more and more incoming opponents.


"CHARGE!"Zhaoming echoes as hundreds of horses charged,the ground trembling resembling an earthquake.Zhide commanded for his horse to charge as the first few rows of the horses drew out a two meter shield in front of them,with spears mounted beside them and within seconds,Zhide's army slammed into the enemy army.

Arrows whizzed past Zhide's head as he lowered himself,slouching towards the horse and approaching his view was the first target enemy.They had cowboy hats on with a leather mask strapped onto their faces,covering their nose and mouth,a large brown coat with metal armour beneath in and armed with a crossbow.

The cowboy saw Zhide as his eyes widened,recognizing the General who slammed his horse right into him and bringing his blade down into him."DO NOT BACK DOWN!KILL THEM ALL!"Zhide heard Zhaoming's voice yell as he turned to his left where Zhaoming's golden armour shone brightly in the dim sunlight."NO MERCY!KILL THEM ALL!"Zhaoming yells again as he thrusts his spear into an enemy,quickly pulling his weapon out before leaping off his horse and impaling another cowboy and finally disappearing into the chaos.

"PROTECT OUR HOMELAND!TAKE BACK GUANGZHOU!"Zhide yells.He knew he couldn't stop Zhaoming,but Zhide was trying to reduce the bloodshed in the war.He knew that the enemy was also deployed and merely following orders,that is why Zhide avoided delivering fatal wounds to his enemies.

Another arrow whizzed past him,but Zhide sidestepped and sliced down an enemy's crossbow before slamming the hilt of his blade into the face of the cowboy,quickly kicking him in the shin and with a punch,send the enemy tumbling off his feet.Zhide moved on to one enemy after another,beating them down and making his way through the crowd when from the corner of his eye,Zhengli was using his bow and firing off three arrows with one shot,successfully bringing down a trio of cowboys before quickly sprinting into the battlefield to find another prey.

A cowboy charged towards Zhide who leapt back in time to avoid an arrow from the cowboy's crossbow."General Zhide?It's an honor."

Zhide raised his sword,prepared to strike as he cautiously asks:"Why am i even surprised,i'm all of your main target am I?"

"I will not deny that."

Zhide swung his blade rapidly,striking every last flash of the cowboy dodging but the cowboy was quick as he dodged and spun,elbowed Zhide in the back before drawing out a small object in his hand.It was sleek and shiny,obviously made out of metal but it had no sharp ends,thus confusing Zhide as how that small object could even harm him.

The cowboy blocked another strike as he leapt backwards and pointed that object right at Zhide:"Your army will fall of this works."the cowboy says as he wrapped his finger around a tiny trigger at the bottom of the object and pulled it.A thunderous blast was heard as before Zhide could respond,he felt pain spiking through his shoulders,his skin felt like they just tore into a million pieces,his bones,burning with heat as his entire right body numbed.

Zhide tried to fight on,but his body refused to listen to his mind as he felled back and with only the strength from his left arm to hold his blade,he positioned his weapon in a defensive stance."What in the world is that?"Zhide stammers as the cowboy analyzed his weapon."Jake's invention is better than i thought."the cowboy opened a small hatch from the object which has smoke now coming out from the top.


"The great general Zhide,defeated by something smaller than a soldier.I was impressed by what you had done Zhide,i really did.But i am merely a soldier here to end a war."the cowboy says as he inserts a small metal ball into the hatch of the object and points it at Zhide.

No.I will not fall like this.Zhide says as he summoned all of his strength,ready to use his blade when a man in golden armour leapt right in front of him.


Zhaoming raised his spear and with a quick thrust,his weapon impaled right through the armour of the cowboy as with a wild roar,Zhaoming raised his spear,the cowboy along with him and with a powerful swing,he hurls the body of the cowboy meters away from him."Thanks brother."Zhide struggles.

"Shut up and rise General.I don't want to keep saving your ass."Zhaoming says as two more cowboys charged towards the brothers,Zhide tried to stand,but his right arm was still paralyzed in pain.Zhaoming raised his spear and with a spin,he swung his spear across the face of the first cowboy before raising his weapon,blocking one of the cowboy's strike and quickly,he kicked the cowboy in the shin,knocking the cowboy off balance and thrusts his spear right into the chest of the cowboy,ending his life.

"General!Are you alright!"a voice called out as a young solider sprinted towards Zhide,"I'm fine....i just need some rest."Zhide looked up onto the battlefield where to his relief,the enemy crowd was thinning out.He could see Zhaoming in his golden armour ravaging through enemy lines mercilessly.Zhengli was soon seen running towards Zhide shortly after.Zhengli looked perfectly unharmed except for stains of dirt of his armour and skin but other than that,he was smiling:"Zhide,we did it.They ordered a retreat."

Zhide's army began cheering as the celebrating sound of thousands of men,all happy about their well deserved victory echoed across the battlefield.Zhaoming raised his spear and Zhengli,his bow,yelling in victory and watching gleefully as the cowboys retreated back onto their gigantic ships.Zhide looked down on his titanium brown and green jade armour where a large crack lay where his wound was.Whatever hit him,it went straight through his armour,which was extremely thick in comparison to those his men wore,if he suffered this much damage,he could not imagine what his men faced.

10 hours later.

The Forbidden City,Beijing

Throne Room.




"You should stop getting yourself in all these trouble.I won't always be here when you break a bone."Ansheng says as he wraps a bandage around Zhide's shoulder and looking down at the metal ball that he just removed from the flesh of Zhide.

"Until the day you retire i am still counting on you Ansheng."Zhide says.Ansheng looks down at the pellet as he stroked his long white beard:"You mentioned that it was shot in the form of a projectile?"

Zhide nods as Ansheng:"Then i believe we have a problem."

Zhengli and Zhaoming were both still in their gold and silver armors respectively waiting for Zhide who quickly dawned his titanium armour and with a nod,the three generals entered the throne room.

The throne room was massive,it had a ceiling easily being over 30 feet tall.The pillars were supported with gold and the marble floor was decorated with jade built with the shape of a dragon.White snow colored lamps emitted golden and warm lighting brushing across the entire hall.

Other Generals from different parts of China were also present,along with royal advisors,city and village heads along with princes and financial keepers,all of them which sat by the sides of the throne room in front of large royal desks decorated with expensive stones and in the end of the center of all this royalties lay a 2 meter tall throne decorated with red rubies and green jades with the arm rests crafted into the shape of dragons at on it,Emperor Kangxi.

Zhide marched into the room,his footsteps echoing all over the hall as he stopped right in front of the Emperor and knelled and from the corner of his eye,he could see Zhengli and Zhaoming doing the same right behind him.


"At ease my Generals.Rise up,Zhide how is your shoulder?" Emperor Kangxi asks.

"It is fine Emperor.Thank you for your concern."Zhide says before slamming his fist against his chest,a sign of respect.

 "So what reports have you brought for the emperor today?"a voice among the advisors asks.

 "I believe that the cowboys are working on a new weapon.A weapon that I experienced from the receiving end first hand."Zhide replies before continuing:"I believe it is a form of projectile,far more effective in comparison to the bow and arrow,and far more deadly,being able to pierce through my armor that is."


"Is is also worth noting that the projectile was shot at close range and it didn't even deliver a fatal blow.Thus it would be logical to assume that the weapon is not as effective as we might have feared."Zhaoming adds on.


"Whatever the case,it would still be wiser to not underestimate our enemy."Zhengli interrupts.


"Until we have anymore evidence,i am afraid that i have to agree with Zhaoming for now.Until further notice,we resume our strategy.Council dismissed."Kangxi says as all members of the court stood up and bowed down to the Emperor before proceeding to leave the hall.


Zhide stood up and bowed,ready to leave,excited to see his family once more when Kangxi stopped him."Zhide,i will not stop you from seeing your family but try to make it short.I have something important to discuss with you.Something about the enemy."






An hour later

Hexie Village,Beijing


The crowd was roaring with cheers,villagers gathering around the streets of his home town.Firecrackers were lighted up ,bursting along the sides of the streets and several local bands were slamming their drums in unison,creating a melody that welcomed Zhide and Zhaoming who entered the village in their carriages pulled by the white royal horses.


"Wave idiot!"Zhaoming slams Zhide in the chest as he stood up from his carriage and began waving his arms in the air.Zhide did not feel like showing off especially if the emperor wanted to talk to him.Emperor Kangxi rarely use that dead serious tone and when he did,it was usually extremely serious.Zhide forced out a smile as he waved his good arm and looked at the crowd.


The people were happy,all of them welcoming their war heroes but Zhide knew better.The people did not understand what was truly going on out there.They had been fighting this war for half a decade now and much has happened since the first day the war broke out.Zhide could barely even remember the true reason why the war began but now all he wanted was for the war to end so he could spend more time with his wife,Xiangli and his twins who were about 7 years old now.


After a long ceremony,Zhide and Zhaoming went to their separate houses,the most well constructed and luxurious ones in the entire village.The village of Generals are usually most well protected and flourished then others thanks to the wealth the generals brought in.Zhide opened the gates of his mansion,which had several guards and servants in it and standing right at the front of the mansion was his wife,Xiangli."Welcome home."she whispers as Zhide marched forward and gave her a solid hug."How long has it been?"he asks.


"Close to four months."Xiangli replies.Zhide glanced over behind her and realized the guards and servants were all assembled here,about two dozen of them in attention.The guard leader,Wanlong slammed his fist on his chest and nods:"Welcome home Zhide!"all of them said in unison"Relax guys,at ease.No need to prepare me anything just continue your duties."Zhide commands as the guards dispersed.Some of them giggling.


"Hows the kids?"Zhide asks as two kids,his twin children a boy and a girl sprints towards him and hugs his legs."Here they are."Zhide scratched their hair as he smiles.It was a warm sense of home but he knew he couldn't stay for long,the cowboys were still constantly trying to breach Guangzhou.But until then,Zhide had these few hours with his family,time he wished he had longer......

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