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The Ultimate Sacrifice


American Cowboys and Chinese Warriors,Year 1701


Fighting a war that had been set up by the Japanese,who had demons within their ranks to frame America and China.General Zhide from China resorted in finding an ancient superpower from legendary warrior Guan Yu,a power that granted him indestructible skin.Zhide turned the tide of the war,forcing the Americans to discover the truth with them and now,

Here they are,in Japan fighting the enemy.

Shogun's blank glowing white eyes emitted a wave of depression and hopelessness.Swirling dark clouds were emitted from within the chunks of his coal black armour and the crescent horns on his helmet shone brightly against the afternoon sun.

 "General Zhide,i see that you had learnt to work with your enemies?"Shogun hissed.

"Yamada kill them now!"the minister yells.


"Shogun."Jake growls as he drew his pistols and fired without hesitation.Shogun drew his metre long katana and with blinding speeds deflected the projectiles that had been unleashed onto him and with a powerful swing,the blade slammed into Zhide that sent him flying several metres back.


Jake leapt against a wall and kicked Shogun in the face,knocking him back a little for Xiangli to draw her double twin blades to slice Shogun in the back before elbowing him in the face and kicking him back.Shogun slammed his blade into the ground to stop himself from being knocked off balance as Jake Robiligo fired another round of shots but then,Jake made the mistake of staring at Shogun right in the eyes.


"Look away Jake!"Zhide yells as he and Xiangli charged forward."Tag team him!"

Zhide raised his blade and slammed it right into Shogun,who lifted his blade to deflect the strike.Xiangli flipped sideways and swung her swords,which Shogun deflected too."YOU MAY BE INDESTRUCTIBLE GENERAL BUT YOUR ALLIES ARE NOT!"Shogun yells and leapt at Xiangli,who formed her blades in a criss cross formation as Shogun brought down the blade onto her.Xiangli pushed her left foot back as she blocked the attack with all her might and to Shogun's surprise,she was not going down.

"How?"Shogun asks as Zhide grabbed him from behind and threw him backwards,bringing himself between Xiangli and Shogun."Willpower and honor.Something you lack."Xiangli answers as Jake got up and reloaded his pistols."Zhide!Look!"All of them turned around and looked out of the balcony as several flares,seven of them shot up into the sky.

"What have you done?"Shogun bellowed as Zhide replies:"I ended your tyranny."

A battle horn was sounded as giant bells rung.

"Those are invading alarms..."the minister muttered in horror.

Shogun rushed towards the balcony and watched as archer towers and military outposts exploded and buildings collapsed.Fires begin lighting up the city,it's bright flames clearing the fog in the area that revealed from far,giant warships approaching the shores of Japan and Japan's defenses,now all blown up by the scouts.Shogun turned to look at Zhide,growling as he points his blade at Zhide:"YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS!"before leaping off the balcony to save his city.


 Zhide turned around to the minister  and grabs him by the shirt and pinned him against the wall."How those the demon powers work?Where is their source?"Zhide asks as the minister just simply smirked.Before Zhide could react,Jake grabbed the minister and forced him away from Zhide,pushing the minister off his balance and gripping him by the neck before pushing the minister to the edge of the window:"Speak or fall."

The minister's expressions melted into fear and hi eyes,begging for mercy.

"I WILL SPEAK!JUST LET ME GO PLEASE!"The minister begged.

"Speak first."Xiangli insists.

"The Shadow' what gives them their power.The demons draw energy from the shadow dimension and harness it to their advantage."the minister began.

"Where?"Zhide adds.

"North of this building,opposite direction from the shore.An hour's walk away."

"Alright.You can go now."Jake says as he let go,allowing the minister to fall to his death.

"JAKE!"Zhide yells as he rushed forward."What?Spare him?I let him live god knows how much more damage he can cause.Speaking of which,less than half of us made it to light the flares,we need to join the main fight before the demons take our troops out."Jake suggests as Zhide agrees.


"It will be enough!Grab on onto me!"Zhide says as an explosion's impact violent shook the entire floor beneath them.Cannons from the warship began firing upon the city,destroying everything in it's path.Thousands and thousands of troops,cowboys and warriors poured out from the ships and charged.Zhide could see from the other side,thousands of Japanese ninjas began assembling a defensive line to greet the invaders.

Jake and Xiangli grabbed his arms as with a Zhide leapt off the balcony and landed with a blast onto the ground floor again,lifting Jake and Xiangli to prevent them from breaking their legs."We need to regroup and charge."Xiangli suggests as from a distance,Zhaoming and Oliver dressed in full combat armor and armed with a spear and rifle respectively."ALL TROOPS KILL EVERY JAPANESE IN SIGHT!"Zhaoming commands as cowboys launched their cannons and warriors fired waves and waves of flaming arrows onto the city.

Zhide wanted them to stop,for all he knows majority of the villagers are innocent,but yet again they hailed the demons for what they had done and despite know that other countries were suffering for their wealth,they didn't care.Zhide clenched his fist and pointed his sword:"TODAY,WE END THIS WAR!"Thousands of voices cheered as they all marched into the city,with Zhide,Xiangli,Jake and Zhaoming in the front leading the assault.From the corner of his eye,Zhide saw something.Dozens of warriors were swept into the air as a giant and muscular man,his helmet covered in blood and spikes,a large chain slung across his shoulder and a two metre execution axe in his arm,arrows stinging him like feathers striking a rock.

"I will see if the cannons can get him.But now we have to make our way to the Gates.If it's open,that means it can be closed.That is our objective."Jake says as he grabbed a flare gun from his belt and reloaded in before firing a gold flare into the air and then,an orange one."My cowboys know where to go know.I take the Executioner down.See you at the gates."Jake says as Zhide gave him a gratifying nod and tells Zhaoming:"Get the troops to march North."Zhaoming nods and tells a warrior:"Notify the drummer.North."

Battle drums were sounded as the cowboys fired their cannons onto Executioner,who deflected the bombshells and charged into the ranks of the cowboys.Executioner slammed his axe right into the ground,a small earthquake formed as fissures opened up and  debris blasted the nearest cowboys away.Zhide saw Jake leaping into action,blasting his pistols at the Executioner who shook it off like nothing."We have no time to waste helping brother we have problems on our own!"Zhaoming yells as he launched his spear into a red ninja before kicking the ninja back and retrieving the spear.Shrukens harmlessly deflected off his skin as Zhide pierced Xiangli's blade into the knee of a ninja before elbowing another so hard,knocking him several feet back into the air.

"Zhide!"Xiangli yells.

Zhide quickly turned around to see a lady,dressed in a bronze armored dress with wings flapping rapidly from her back and a javelin in her hand."FIREFLY!"Zhaoming yells as he waved for the archers to fire.Firefly simply smirks and spat a ball of fire that unleashed flames onto the archers."PUSH FORWARD!"Zhide yells as Xiangli charged forward,her blades drawn and kicked herself against a wall,leaping into the air and sliced the ninjas down,using her blades to skillfully deflect every strike they had and ending a dozen ninjas within seconds.Zhide ran forward and behind Xiangli in time to block an arrow from hitting her with his palm.The arrow shattered as Zhaoming thrusts his spear into the ninja archer."Come on!"Zhaoming yells.


"I will handle Firefly.GO!"Zhaoming says as we waved for dozens of troops to follow him.Just before Zhaoming left,Xiangli grabbed him and tells him:"She as an injury on her left ankle,Wanlong caused it."Zhide also walked forward too and adds:"Good luck brother."

"Likewise."Zhaoming says as he tightens his grip on his spear and ran to the fight.


"We will close the Gates.For everyone."Xiangli says.

"You bet we will."Zhide answers as the couple charged in the front,an entire army before him and behind him."Get behind me."Zhide suggests as Xiangli yells:"LOCK SHIELDS!"before leaping behind Zhide for cover.Chaos is unleashed.


Volleys of shrukens fired at them,Zhide taking the full force of it,each projectile shattering in contact with him and the rest,slamming into their shields like nothing."ATTACK!DRAGON FORMATION!"Zhide yells out as the troops slammed their shields together,the troops realigning themselves into a defensive position and began marching forward.Zhide was at the front with Xiangli,slicing down the ninjas that dared charged to face Zhide.After endless minutes of countless enemies fought,warriors fell left and right but Zhide saw it,an enormous statue at least 20 metres tall,towering proud and tall in the middle of a rocky hill in the desert.The statue was that of a samurai with horns,like Shogun and a large blade being gripped by both arms pointing to the ground.Large Wooden Door stood beneath the statue and behind it,an endless wave of light.


"The Shadow Dimension seems pretty bright eh?"Xiangli jokes as she leapt into the air and brought her blades down on a ninja,Zhide right behind her slamming a ninja away."THIS IS THE FINAL PUSH GUYS GO!"Zhide commands but turned around to see what used to be thousands of men now were just hundreds.Zhide noticed a figure speeding through the warriors and slicing them down like nothing.Shogun."FALL BACK!"Zhide yells as he charges forward and slams right into Shogun."ALL TROOPS!CONTINUE THE ASSAULT!I HANDLE SHOGUN!"he yells at the top of his lungs and at a moment,he locked eyes with Xiangli,who nods,telling him that she understood as Xiangli slashed down another ninja and lead the troops forward away from the city and into the desert.


Zhide turned to his right to see the Executioner being forced into the desert by the overwhelming numbers of cowboys with Jake leading the charge.Firefly was also forced into the desert by Zhaoming.


"You can still retreat General.You know you can't die,but at least you can still prevent some losses."Shogun tells Zhide."What do you mean.My troops are as strong as yours.As we speak my army is about to tear your Gates down."Shogun laughs softly.


"You cannot close the Gates General.No one can."Shogun chuckles before disappearing in a cloud of smoke and reappearing behind Zhide,slashing him in the back but only his armor tore apart as Zhide punched in the Shogun in the face.Zhide slammed Shogun into a village house.Shogun leapt backwards before roaring and sped forward,thrusting his katana right into Zhide's face."You know you can't kill me.Just surrender and let us close the Gates!I can spare you."Zhide insists.


"I can't kill you physically.But mentally,i can."Shogun hissed as a jumped out of the house and Zhide quickly chased after him.Zhide quickly realizes what Shogun meant as Shogun teleported in front of Xiangli,who barely had time to stop in her tracks as Shogun impales his katana right into Xiangli's heart.


"XIANGLI!"Zhide cried out as he leapt forward,his heart squeezed into a ball and sank,his mind became clouded into only being focused to Xiangli.Zhide's vision blurred and his hearing,muffled as he ran at his top speed to Xiangli,who stared at him and collapsed onto the ground.Shogun simply teleported away but Zhide didn't even want to give chase as he kneels down right beside Xiangli,his hand placed on her wound to try and stop the bleeding.

"Zhide...."Xiangli struggled.

"No don't speak.You can still make it."

"Listen.......I-"Xiangli coughed some blood out of her as Zhide quickly wiped his tears:"No.."

"Stop this...war.....for our...our children......promise me."

"I will.But you have to be with me,i won't let you die like this."

"No....go...end it.....close the gates.....For me."


Zhide punched the ground as he held her by her head:"I...."

"Remember me....okay?"Xiangli says as her eyes stopped moving and stared into nothingness.




"It had to happen General.You think i like killing?But refused to listen."Shogun's voice echoed in his ears as Zhide clenched his fist and roared charging at Shogun who raised his katana to block Zhide's sword bu Zhide was too engulfed in rage as he swung another attack and rapidly,attacked again and again till Shogun had no choice but to teleport again and retreat several feet away from Zhide."WHY?YOU HATE ME!YOU WANT TO TARGET ME!"Zhide exclaims.

"You had to listen somehow.You think i'm just a maniac killing to start wars?"


"NO!No general.MY FAMILY....."Shogun stopped for a second to compose himself."Japan was poor,sunk deep into poverty because of your stupid countries,America and China.My neighbors,got so hungry that they broke in,killed my family and stole my food.WHY?BECAUSE YOUR EMEPEROR DID NOT DO ANYTHING TO HELP!YOU KICKED US OUT FROM CHINA!LEFT US TO STARVE!"Shogun yells.


"Excuses."Zhide says as both power houses charged at each other as their swords clashed and Zhide,kicked Shogun backwards before elbowing him."You can never close those gates."

"Watch me."Zhide answers as he kicked Shogun backwards and ran into him,grabbing him by the waist and pummels the samurai into the ground.


"Look general.The only way you can close those doors in by unleashing obsidian magic into the Shadow Dimension,The Shadow Dimension will suck everything here into it,including you and your troops,so no.You cannot stop me General."Shogun says.


"Like i said.Watch me."Zhide struck his blade onto Shogun's once more before kicking the demon backwards and slamming him right off his balance.Zhaoming in the meantime was still having trouble with the Firefly as Oliver showed up and fired his pistols."She's too fast."Oliver says.

"Distract her,i'll hit her from behind."Zhaoming says as he climbed a house and Oliver,firing his rifle ."Enough!Your efforts are futile."Firefly says as she spat a ball of fire right at Oliver,who melted into a puddle of blood."DIEEE!"a voice called out as Zhaoming left off the house balcony,his spear in his hand as he impales the spear right into Firefly's chest and pinned her into the ground.

"YEAAA!"cheers erupted from the cowboy ranks as Zhaoming retrieved his spear.


"General Oliver!"a cowboy yells as he kneels beside the bloody puddle."Soldier.Your general helped killed a demon,which is no small feat.Remember this,he died a hero."


Dark clouds emitted from Firefly as she breathed her last breath and the dark clouds,swirling towards the Shadow Gates.Zhaoming smirks as he ran towards the main battle and saw Xiangli's corpse."Sorry sis in law..."Zhaoming mutters as he finds Zhide fighting Shogun."ZHIDE!THEY EMIT SHADOW ENERGY WHEN THEY DIE!"Zhaoming yells,hoping the information would help him as Zhide kicks Shogun back,who saw Zhaoming and roared."Zhaoming!Help Jake!"Zhide commands.


"YOU KILLED FIREFLY?!"Shogun was about to rush at Zhaoming but Zhide slammed into him and pinned Shogun down with Xiangli's sword.Zhide turned around for a moment to see Jake the cowboys engaging the Executioner with cannons,knocking the giant far into the desert.Zhaoming threw his spear like a javelin that knocked Executioner back a little as a cowboy fired a cannon that knocked Executioner's left leg off the ground and another cannon,hitting the Executioner right on the edge of the Gates."FIRE AGAIN!"Jake commands as he fired his pistols and another cannonball that knocked the Executioner right into the Gates.


"You still can't win."Shogun says as he kicked Zhide away from him.

"I will do what must be done."Zhide replies as he clashed with Shogun once more and with one last powerful swing,he impales Shogun in the shoulder,releasing the Shadow Energy from him as Shogun roared in pain."ARE YOU CRAZY?"Shogun bellows.


"Like i said,i will do what it take to bring peace to the innocent."Zhide says.


Zhide grabs Shogun and hurls him towards the Gates."No.You will not..."Zhide didn't even let Shogun finish his sentence as Zhide grabbed him by the waist and slowly pushed him towards the Gates.Shogun tried to teleport away but Zhide tightens his grip and with one last powerful cry,Zhide pushed Shogun into the Shadow Gates.


"EVERYBODY GET AWAY!"Zhide heard Zhaoming yell but it was too late as a loud ear piercing cry was heard that echoed across the entire battlefield and powerful winds began sucking everyone into the Gates.The gigantic wooden doors began to close as Zhide slammed his fingers into the sand,trying to pry on but the force was too great.


Zhide finally let go,allowing himself to be sucked into whatever that was waiting for him in the Shadow Dimension.................







General Zhide will return





Thank you to everybody who has liked and read my second book.

The next book that i will be writing will be titled Vansel:King of Werewolves that will be taking place in the same universe as The Justice Warrior:Telekinesis.Hope that you have enjoyed.

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