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Broken Promises


"We have given them enough time.We cannot wait ANY LONGER!"Lietunant Oliver stressed.

Jake Robiligo,General of the cowboy army stood at the very front of his army,his pistols in his hands as he hesitantly roars to his troops:"Front line!Forward and breach those Gates!" Jake could not believe what he just said,rage was clouding his thoughts.


Several rows of men marched forward,armed with crossbows as they fired in the direction of the Chinese Army.Rows of archers stood at the top of the kingdom perimeter walls and at the front gate,a defense army of a thousand men led by Zhaoming,standing their ground.The cowboys charged as Jake heard Zhaoming voice yelling:"Shields!"The Chinese army raised their shields and slammed it against one another,locking themselves in place and shortly after,the cowboys charged into them.


All hell broke loose as the two armies clashed.


But the cowboys were more prepared as Oliver yelled:"BUSTERS!"

Massive cannons the size of a house were rolled onto the front lines as Oliver ordered them to fire.The cannons blasted a large ball of fire ,it's blinding blast made everyone look away,it's ear bursting boom temporarily made everyone deaf as part of the kingdom walls burst open in a fury of flames.


Jake's ears were buzzing.

Sweat drenched his armor but this was not the time to care about pain as Jake marched to the battlefield with a dozen men.







 Zhide tried to move as cautiously and quickly as possible,but speed does not match balance as a piece of stone broke under Zhide's feet,almost sending him tumbling.He looked down and realized that he still had a long way to go.We was barely 30 percent down the mountain but he was running out of time.He could see in the distance,faint orange lights were there.Fire.Smoke was being released into the air,filling the skies.He had to hurry.

According to Guan Yu,he should have received the so called power by now,but he was not given any information of what the power is or how to use it.However,Zhide felt stronger than ever before,his stamina had seemed to increase magnificently and he was feeling extremely refreshed and energetic as if he had a never ending adrenaline rush.Zhide was so deep in his thoughts when suddenly,his felt himself losing touch with the ground.He quickly looked and realized that he was right on the edge of an extremely steep slope,and his momentum was too great to stop now.

Well,that's it.


Wind roared in his ears as he began free-falling towards a large tree. All Zhide could hope was that the tree would cushion his fall somehow.Zhide remembered waking up moments earlier only to find himself lying on the same spot as he was before the monks found him,facing the amazing view and buried in snow.What if it was all a dream?His meeting with Guan Yu and the monks?No matter,he had wasted enough time already.Zhide raised his arms and braced for the impact as he crashed through the tree,it's branches snapping and leaves being dispersed and found himself slamming into a rock face flat.

General Zhide.Survived hundreds of battles and led a war against one of the strongest armies of the world.Died by slamming into a rock.

That was not how Zhide intended to go out as he closed his eyes.He felt no pain,in fact,he felt perfectly fine and alive.Zhide stood right up and looked behind him and found the rock in pieces."What?"Zhide analyzed his arms and realized that he was perfectly fine,not even a single scratch on his body."Indestructible skin?"Zhide theorized as he looked at a nearby rock."I hope this is true."Zhide says to himself as he clenched his fist and punched the rock,which bursts into pieces upon impact with his punch."Indestructible skin."he confirms as he looked down at the mountain."This better apply."he says as Zhide held his breath,bracing himself and with a powerful leap,Zhide jumped off the edge of the mountain.......







Two cowboys fired their crossbows as Zhaoming rolled over to the right and with a powerful thrust,Zhaoming shot his spear right into the chest of a cowboy.The second cowboy realigned his shot and fired again but Zhaoming was faster as he sprinted towards the corpse of the first cowboy,grabbed his spear and swung it under the legs of the second cowboy,flipping him into the air before slamming the tip right into his spine,impaling the cowboy.


As the general looked up,more and more cowboys were pouring in.Archers from above the walls fired endless waves of arrows,but the cowboys were more prepared than ever as their cannons fired,slowly tearing down the massive walls that once protected the kingdom."RETREAT!ALL TROOPS FALL BACK INTO THE SECOND DEFENSE LINES!"




The ground exploded in a rain of dirt and soil,cracks crawled all over and a violent vibration was felt.Villagers panicked as they backed away and slowly,the dust settled revealing a man in thick mountain climbing clothing.General Zhide looked up and saw the crowd in front of him and behind them,fires were raging and the roars of thousands of troops ,echoing."General?"a villager asked."All villagers,run towards the main army camps for shelter,stay away from the walls,as far as possible."

Villagers began running as Zhide sprinted towards the walls.


Houses were ablaze,corpses littered the once prospering kingdom,smoke was filling the atmosphere and ashes,floating aimlessly in the air,still fresh from the burning.Hundreds of troops were gathered behind a camp as Zhide saw hundreds more,corpses and injured soldiers.As soon as they saw him,most of them began gathering around him,awaiting his orders.Ansheng was there,trying his best to heal as many of the troops as possible with a large group of medics,but more and more injured troops arrived."Zhide.....have you found it?"Ansheng asked hopefully.

Zhide gave him a firm nod.


Zhaoming bursts into the room as he tells the troops:"The cowboys are currently regrouping.We have an hour at best to reconfigure ourselves......"Zhaoming stopped as he saw Zhide.Zhaoming left shoulder pad was torn apart and had burn marks all over him."Its ok brother.I got this."Zhide tells Zhaoming as he turns to the troops:"ALL TROOPS!"Zhide yells."Retreat further into the city,get the injured back to the palace,Ansheng,get as many medics as you can,Zhaoming,i need you to prepare a squad of two dozen men and await me right here."


"For what?"Zhaoming asks as Zhide forced out a smile,trying to stay positive."Trust me."


Zhide unleashed his blade,the one that Xiangli gave to him and began walking out of the safety barriers."General!It's not safe!"one of the guards yelled.Zhide ignores him and gave the guards a confident smile as he tells them:"Get the injured back to the palace.I'll deal with the cowboys."


A terrifying sight greeted him.

Thousands and thousands of cowboys,armed with crossbows and mounting armored horses stood in an offensive position.Fire,blood,arrows and dirt littered the battlefield along with hundreds of fallen warriors from both sides.Gigantic cannons the size of houses,at least a dozen of them stood in the middle of the cowboy army,ready to advance.

Facing all of that was Zhide,armed with nothing more than a sword.


"General Robiligo!I have come asking for peace!Please halt your attack!"General Zhide roared to the army,hoping for Jake's reply."We have given you ample time and chances already General Zhide,yet,you destroy our naval fleet."Jake's voice boomed from the army.Zhide tried to protest,but then a cannonball was fired right at him.Zhide could feel the heat lightly hitting him,the impact of the cannon bursts open a large crater in the ground and knocked him back,torching his shirt but he took no damage.Zhide picked himself back up as he tightened his grip on his sword and faced the army.Mutters were heard from sides as Zhide sunk his feet comfortably in the soil and with a powerful thrust,he launched himself forward,creating a small explosion of dirt and charged towards the enemy army.


"Fire!"a voice yelled as cannons fired upon him,but Zhide ignored the blasts and continued sprinting towards the enemy,his stamina,barely even affecting him and his speed,faster than he had ever ran before."First row!Take him down!"a cowboy yelled as a dozen cowboys on horses charged at him.Zhide met the first opponent as he grabbed the horse's leg and hurled the horse,along with it's rider off the ground.Zhide leapt into the air and kicked a second rider off his horse.Crossbows fired at him,but the projectiles broke upon impact with his skin.Zhide watched as more cowboys swung their blades at him but Zhide simply raised his bare hand and caught the sleek and sharp edged blade.The cowboy stared at Zhide in horror as Zhide used the handle of Xiangli's blade and slammed it right at the cowboy,knocking him out cold."ARROWS1ARROWS!"Oliver yells as a massive rain of arrows flooded Zhide's sights as thousands of arrows slammed into him.The enemy froze in place when they realized that nothing was working."General Robiligo,please show yourself.I just want to talk."Zhide confidently shouts.A figure pushed through the crowd as Jake Robiligo emerged,his hands armed with pistols."General Zhide.I believe we have nothing more to say."


Zhide lowered his weapon as he began:"Listen Jake,we were not the ones who-"

Jake swiftly raised his pistol and fired as a aura of smoke bursts open in front of Zhide,smoke covered his line of sight as Jake emerged from the smoke and with a kick,he slammed Zhide back a little.Jake back-flipped backwards into the smoke and unleashed a rain of bullets down on Zhide,who jut stood there."What kind of soccery is this?"Jake mutters as he leapt upwards and with the edge of his pistol,he punched Zhide in the face with all the strength he had,but then,Zhide simply grabbed him by the neck and slammed the general onto the ground,pinning Jake down with his foot and pointing his blade right in Jake's face."Like i said,i just want to talk."





Zhaoming and all of the men stood there,dumbfounded as Zhide brought Jake towards the walls and Jake had his hands up in a surrendering fashion.Zhide had his blade pointed at Jake's back and quickly,Jake was being surrounded by the troops that Zhide got Zhaoming to prepare."I promised the army that he will be unharmed."Zhide tells his brother.Jake seemed slightly worried but rage was still burning in his eyes.


Zhide grabbed Zhaoming by the arm and got him into away from Jake."I don't know how you did all that but why are you keeping him alive?!"

"Kill him?He is our only hope to make peace with the cowboys."

"But look at what he has done to us!You still show him mercy?"

"And if i kill him now the cowboys will do more.Just....just let me handle this."


"Alright......"Zhaoming reluctantly replies as Zhide dismissed his troops and faced Jake without the interference of the rest of the troops and Zhide begins:"I'm sorry i had to resort to this,but i need you to listen."

"I didn't know what has gotten over me,i yelled the commands but deep down,i didn't want almost felt like i wasn't myself."Jake explains.

"It's alright,but right now we need to work out a truce.But before that,i have something to tell you."

Jake listens patiently as Zhide began explaining everything that happened,the demons,Guan Yu and how he obtained the ability to have indestructible skin.....









Zhide's mansion.

"Princess Xiangli!We had just received news that Zhide's army has stopped the invasion for now and is currently negotiating a peace treaty."Wanlong happily reports to Xiangli,who made a bright grin and turns to her twin children,Rendao and Siuli."Daddy did it!Everything is fine now."she tells them as the two kids smiled and closed their eyes,ready to sleep.


Wanlong headed downstairs,not determined to disturb Xiangli as at the gates of the mansion,half a dozen guards stood,facing a lady in a kimono who was standing in front of the gates."What is it?"Wanlong asks one of the guards who turns and replies:"Leader Wanlong!This lady has been standing here for a few minutes now and has not replied to our questions."Wanlong stared at the lady who was just standing there ,the moonlight shining on her as if giving her the spotlight.Wanlong raised his blade and asks the lady:"Who are you?What is your purpose of being here?"


The lady simply smiled,revealing her sharp and bloody teeth......







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