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The lady spread her insect like wings as she took off her kimono,revealing a blood red streamlined armour and a took off into the air,a disturbing smile hanging on her cheek.


The guards surrounding Zhide's mansion drew their bows and fired,their arrows shot in the air at blinding speeds towards the lady who to all of their surprise swooped downwards and with her long talons,pierced the neck of two of the guards who had no time to even react and with a vicious cry,the lady pulled her talons out,and with the sharp fingernails pulling the heads of the guards away from their torso.


"Fall back!Shields!"Wanlong,leader of the guards commanded as he drew his axe and pushed a guard away from an incoming slash of the lady's fingernails."You,run towards Zhide's army at the front of the kingdom!Tell Zhide that a demon is here!"Wanlong tells the guard and pushes him in time to raise his axe and deflect an incoming swing.

 "You will not escape me!"The lady hissed in a soft but spine shivering voice as she spat a ball of flame,the size of a fist and struck the guard from behind,his armour beginning to melt and his spine slowly being revealed as his flesh melted into a puddle of blood.


Arrows shot over Wanlong's head as the lady sprung herself backwards but not in time as a lucky arrow struck her in the shoulder."Pin her down!"Wanlong commands as he ran into the mansion where Xiangli ran out from her room,shock and worry in her eyes."What's wrong?!"

"Demon!You need to leave now!" Wanlong yells."I think she's after you!"

"What?!"Xiangli exclaimed,but quickly,she studied Wanlong's expression and nods,understanding as she sprints into room and woke her twin children,Rendao and Siuli up,getting them to run away from the house.


 A dozen guards stood before the entrance to the mansion."Three of you."Wanlong says as he points at three of the guards:"Escape the second you get.Get Zhide here as fast as you can.Protect the princess at all cost,this is our duty."he continues.


"No,this is my responsibility as a princess to protect the people of this nation.We are in this fight together."Xiangli steps forward,a blade in her hand."Your bravery will not ease your pain."the demon lady growls as she lunges......








"So you are telling me that a general from centuries ago appeared as a spirit and passed you the ability to have indestructible skin." Jake Robiligo,general of the American cowboy army summarized."I know what this sounds like.But i promise you that this is the most utter truth."Zhide confirmed.


Zhaoming,who was standing behind General Zhide drew his spear and slammed it on the table,right next to Jake's hands:"He doesn't need to believe anything.Let's just end this boy."

 Jake glared at Zhaoming:"End me?I am the only chance you have at a peaceful negotiation."

"You don't scare me cowboy."Zhaoming growls as Zhide pushed his brother back,trying to prevent an attack."Zhaoming,why don't you check on the men."Zhaoming reluctantly nods as he heads away."Look,the origins of my powers are not of prime concern now.I believe that a third party are framing us of each other."

"Those demons?"Jake says as he paused for a moment.

" actually makes sense....everything you said....fits perfectly together with what we cowboys have experienced,something you wouldn't know."Jake concluded.

"Precisely because i am not lying.Please Jake,this concerns both our nations,our only chance of ever spending a lifetime in peace without war."Zhide protests.


"Fine.I believe you Zhide.But it may take some effort to convince my superiors back in my homeland so i may need more than just words......evidence....if you will."

"I'll see what i can do.But you need to do your part."Zhide agrees.

"Very well then,we have a deal."Jake concludes as he put out his palm and shaked Zhide before being escorted by a dozen Chinese troops back to the cowboy army.

Zhide looked up into the sky and remembered what Guan Yu told him:I expect you to return.

"I may have to leave soon.Please help me inform Zhaoming."Zhide tells a group of guards who slammed their fists to their chest:"Yes General."

As Zhide picked Xiangli's blade which was lying on a table.As Zhide was about to leave,Zhaoming bursts into the room along with two soldiers behind him."Tell him!Quick!"Zhaoming tells a soldier who was gasping for breath desperately.


"Breathe.Take your time."Zhide tells the soldier who tells him:"Demons.....demons attacking your home....princess in danger."

Zhide didn't even let the soldier finish his sentence as he quickly leapt on a horse and left for his house.




Wanlong lunged forward and swung his axe at the lady,who jumped backwards and raised her claws in time to deflect Xiangli's sword strike."You must be taken princess.Just let it happen,you cannot defeat us."The lady hissed."I don't have to defeat you.That is my husband's job,but i can definitely slow you down."Xiangli replies as she kicked the lady backwards and ferociously,she sunk her blade right into the heel of the lady who screamed in pain and spat fire on the floor,creating an inferno that separated her from Wanlong and his guards. 

"You can still fight so well Princess.Very impressive i must say."Wanlong says.

"I'm married,not useless."Xiangli replies as the guards behind them fired their arrows at the lady who spread her wings and charged at the archers,with a furious yell,she spat a flaming ball that melted the two guards into nothing but bloody goo.


"You really have to go Princess."Wanlong encouraged as Xiangli protested:"No!You will die!"

"It is my duty.You have to save your children,Rendao especially who could be the next Emperor,my life is nothing compared to his."Just remember me."

Xiangli knew deep in her heart that he was right as she replies:"You will be remembered.Thank you Wanlong."before turning and running back to get her kids.


Xiangli dashed at the her best speed where she grabbed both her children's arms and  began sprinting out of the house through the back door.




Wanlong straightened his axe as he points it at the lady,who smirked:"You are brave mortal.....I like you."Wanlong didn't reply as he swung his axe rapidly,trying to strike the lady but she was simply too quick.The lady slashed,her claws sinking into Wanlong arm as she hurls him over her head and landing Wanlong hard on his ankle,breaking it.

"Oooo.....that looked like it hurt."the lady giggled.

"I will make you share my pain."Wanlong growls as with his good foot,he thrusts himself upwards and slammed his blade down,successfully making the lady dodge in the direction he wants her to as he reached his hand up,grabbed the lady by her arm and swung her forward and slamming his axe right into her knee,making blood,pure obsidian black blood spill from her wound.


"UGGGHHH!How dare you!"the lady screamed as she shot her nails into the back of Wanlong and slammed him back with her palm."You cannot stop me mortal.Why try?Run!Run and you may still get to live!"

"I don't have to stop you...."Wanlong says,wiping a blood stain off his cheek."I just have to slow you down.....which i already did."


The lady roared as she spat a ball of flame at Wanlong............






Zhide jumped off the horse,who couldn't proceed forward due to the massive amount of villagers running in the opposite direction.From the distance,he could see his mansion's front gate burning in an inferno as he drew Xiangli's blade and sprinted as fast as he could to the mansion.


"No...."Zhide's voice broke as he is greeted by the melted and deformed corpses of his house guards,some of them melted so bad ,nothing was left of them except the small pieces of armour dangling from their skeletons and one of them,his red and gold armour along with a battle axe dangling from his withered fingers.

"Wanlong......"Zhide mutters but he had no time to mourn as from the corner of his eye,he spotted the lady,her kimono stained in blood,walking through the back door where Xiangli stood,armed with twin sabers and his kids,behind her with no way of escape.


"Just come with me harm will come to least not instantly."the demon lady hissed."You will try."Xiangli growls as she was about to charge when Zhide slammed into the lady and with a powerful punch,knocked her into the wall,which cracked upon impact. 

"I don't punch women you know....but are too ugly to resist punching."Zhide says as he hurried Xiangli with a hand sign,quickly asking her to leave. 

"General,what an unexpected surprise...."the lady hissed."Also to be polite,my name is Firefly."

The lady spat a ball of flame,which Zhide raised his hand to block the attack.The lady's eyes widened as she mutters:"No....impossible."

"You hideous way you look already proves that nothing is impossible."Zhide replies as with a kick,the lady is slammed backwards."You are lucky i can't move as fast thanks to your stupid guard."the lady as she spread her wings and took off into the air,trying to flee but then,a net was shot into the air as Zhaoming's guards dragged the lady down from the air.


"Xiangli!"Zhide yells as Xiangli came out from under a marketplace sheet with Rendao and Siuli."I'm ok....."Xiangli says as she looked at Rendao and Siuli."You guys ok?"

"Yea..."Siuli says,still in a dazed state.

"We need to warn the Emperor.I have to get you guys to the palace,it's safer there."Zhide says.

Zhide took one last look at Wanlong's corpse and his burning house before Zhaoming and rescue squad appeared."What happened?Zhaoming asks.

"Demons.......they will keep returning.This is not the last we will see of them.......especially now that we know that want my family."Zhide explained.

"Let's get to the Emperor first.We need to reassemble our resources and men."Zhaoming suggests."Also......we have a prisoner."he points to the lady,who stared at them in rage.









The Forbidden Kingdom 

The following day.



Ansheng unwrapped a napkin that had painkillers within them as he fed them to Xiangli."We must bury Wanlong,give him a ritual.A proper funeral."she tells the royal doctor who nods."We will."

Zhide sat beside her as he asks Ansheng:"How is the Emperor taking the news."

"He is fine.He is in fact glad that the cowboys are willing to make peace.The governors and village heads however are not as glad.I think you should be there."Ansheng replies.

" family needs me."Zhide answers.

"Listen......our country needs you.By being there yourself you can ultimately save us right?"Xiangli locked eyes with Zhide,who reluctantly nods and heads to the throne room.


The place was in political chaos.

Village heads and governors were arguing,most of them was standing up and furiously trying to prove their point.Emperor Kangxi was sitting on his throne,unable to control the crowd and Zhaoming was by the side of the throne room eating a plate of roast pork,uninterested in the conflict but then the second Zhide enters the room,everyone turned silent as General Zhide greeted the Emperor.

"Emperor..."Zhide greets.

"At ease General.Have a seat."the Emperor says.


Zhide took his seat beside Zhaoming as one of the governors asked him:"So all of this is true?You have powers now?!"

"What  nonsense!Now that there are apparent demons,what do we do?You can count on your so-called powers?"another said.


Zhide simply stood up and drew a sword from behind him as the governors backed off.Zhide simply smiled as he thrusts the blade onto his own head and to everyone's surprise,the steel blade shattered like glass.The men gasped as Zhaoming took a sip of his wine:" shocking ooooo."he sarcastically says.


"Now you believe me?"Zhide asks.

Everyone stayed silent.

"Now listen to me....because i am speaking nothing but the truth.....and i need your help to come up with solutions to bring peace to our kingdom."Zhide announces.


"Let's start by interrogating our prisoner."Zhaoming adds.






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