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Enemy Rescue


The lady demon,known as Firefly tried spraying fire out of her mouth but fortunately,the steel mask placed on her mouth managed to block flames from hitting Zhide and Zhaoming.The prison surrounding walls were shrouded in inches of thick steel with nothing more than a small steel netting no bigger than the size of a long ruler.Firefly's arms and legs were chained to the walls as she glared at the brothers with rage fueling her eyes.


"Don't even try woman.You may be strong,but those steel are hardened to a standard that even cannon shells from the cowboys would only dent it a little."Zhaoming smirks.

"Can she even speak through that mask?"Zhide asks.

"I will TEAR YOUR HEART OUT!"Firefly scowls.

 "There's your answer."Zhaoming answers. 


"Listen.....tell us what we want to know and we will let you go.....before we are forced to use less civilized methods of interrogation." Zhide emphasized.




Zhaoming walked forward and slammed his spear against the steel and yells:"TELL US,WHAT IS YOUR NEXT ATTACK PLAN!HOW DID YOU GET THESE POWERS?!SPILL IT OR I WILL PERSONALLY RIP YOUR EYES OUT!"

"Why are you even doing this to us?What did we ever do to you?To Japan?"Zhide adds.

"What you expect her to have a valid reason?This is a crazy woman!She does not understand what compassion is?!" 


"How ironic that you see us as the bad guys..."Firefly began laughing as Zhide points Xiangli's blade as her."Zhaoming may be right,you ARE crazy."


Firefly seemed even more angry as she hissed:"You silver spoon fed children,no idea why we do what we do and still judging us?For decades,Japan has been ignored by the rest of the world!We offered so many trades,tried everything we could to fit in,to share our knowledge but big headed countries like you ignore us,treat us as trash,so we decided enough is enough.Once the most powerful kingdoms in the world are at war......the trade will come to us,Japan.....and we shall finally flourish."


"By sacrificing millions of innocents in a pointless war?!"Zhide slammed his fist on the steel wall,denting it."Millions who lack compassion for their neighbors?Millions who are too dumb to even realize they are fighting a pointless war?"

Zhaoming raised his spear,ready to strike when the wall behind them exploded into pieces and a dozen guards,sent flying from the impact.

A ten foot figure cast his enormous shadow onto Zhide and Zhaoming using the sunlight behind him.The muscular figure had a bloody bucket for a helmet with spikes coming out of it.He wore tattered pants with a chain slung across his shoulder and in his right arm,a massive execution axe about 2 metres long.Zhaoming quickly turned his attention onto the Executioner."Back off Zhaoming!I can handle this one!Just make sure Firefly does not escape!"Zhide yells.

"No!I will have the glory this time!"Zhaoming says as he hurled his spear at the Executioner,which struck the giant's shoulder.

"Brother!"Firefly called out as the giant charged at General Zhide,who was in the path of the Executioner.Zhide raised his arms to brace for the attack but the force was still too massive as Zhide was slammed through the cell walls and send flying off the building that Firefly was kept in.Zhide smashed into the dirt ground below him as he quickly picked himself up to see himself surrounded by corpses of guards."What...."Zhide mutters as he looked back up at the top of the building to see Executioner and Firefly leap out of the building and landing on a rooftop behind him.

Zhide turned again to check for backup when he noticed a samurai in black armor,his eyes glowing creepily white and blank,a golden crescent at the forehead of his helmet and a smoking aura surrounding him,emitted from the chunks within his armor."General...."the samurai growls."Samurai..."Zhide replies in a deep voice."Shogun.If you will."the samurai replies.Zhide was ready to charge but on the other hand,he wanted to check on Zhaoming,who was still back upstairs."What do you want?"Zhide yells.

"Simple.For you to get out of the way General.You have ruined our plans too much already."Shogun answers as he disappeared in an aura of smoke and reappeared right behind him as he swung his blade into Zhide's face.Under normal circumstances,Zhide would have resided his fate but the blade simply slammed into his face harmlessly.


"So the scout was found Guan Yu."Shogun says.
"Yes i did.So you should know better than try and take me on."

"I may not be able to kill you General.But we can stop you from interfering."

Firefly spat a ball of fire that made Zhide jumped back,who knew it couldn't harm him,but he didn't want Xiangli's blade to melt.Firefly spread her wings as Shogun commands:"Firefly!Return to base and report!We will handle this one."Firefly sped away as Executioner swung his axe,whose momentum knocked Zhide backwards.Zhide tried to pick himself up but Shogun teleported in front of him,grabbed his face and slammed him into the ground.Zhide kicked Shogun back a little but then Executioner jumped forward and with a powerful strike,slammed Zhide into the ground as the force caused the dirt to erupt into a crater.Executioner pinned his feet towards Zhide,preventing the general from escaping as Shogun placed his blade on Zhide forehead as he tells the general:"You may be a hard shell to crack,but i may be able to soften you.As i had once did with Guan Yu."


Zhide felt his blood boil as he tried to resist,but the Executioner was too strong.


Shogun's blade began glowing orange as a terrifying yell echoed:"FOR ZHENGLI!"

Zhide looked behind Executioner to see Zhaoming,his golden armor shining brightly in the sun leaping off the top of the building with his spear in his hand.Zhaoming spun the spear in the air as he landed on the top of Executioner,his spear piercing right into the giant's shoulder.Executioner roared in pain as Zhide took advantage of the distraction and headbutts Shogun away before using all his strength to push the Executioner off his feet.Zhaoming leapt off in time for the giant to collapse hard on his back."That was extremely courageous brother."Zhide compliments.

"Shut up and fight."Zhaoming replies as both the giant and Shogun picked themselves up again.

Just as they were prepared to fight ,a battle horn sounded as dozens and dozens of troops began marching towards them.

"Adoshi.Let's go.We've got what we wanted"Shogun commands.

"Like we'll let you."Zhaoming says as he and Zhide charges at Shogun,who waved for Executioner to leave first and raises his blade to block both General's attacks.Shogun kicks Zhaoming backwards and pushed Zhide backwards."You are killing innocents you know that?All for your country to prosper?Us Chinese and those Americans became successful because of our hard work,because..."

"Because you kicked us out.Remember?"Shogun says.

Zhide's heart sank as he knew that Shogun was right.Shogun quickly took advantage of this as he flipped Zhide off his feet and kicked him in the feet,knocking him away as quickly,Shogun slams his blade into the floor as he disappears in a cloud of smoke and onto a roof seconds later before jumping across those roofs,fleeing the scene.


"Cowboys!"a voice commands as several cowboys emerged from the troops and began chasing them.Those cowboys were dressed in obsidian black leather,leaping onto horses in equally black armored horses."They were trained for long distance stealth missions.They should be able to do it."


Among the crowd,Jake Robiligo stepped out as Xiangli and Ansheng tells him:"See.We aren't lying."

Oliver,Jake's right hand man walked forward as he stared at the damage caused."How..."

"We don't know."Ansheng replies."But they are here.And they are a threat to us."

Zhide and Zhaoming walked towards the troops as Zhide answers Jake:"What we do now is to hope that your spies are able to infiltrate the Japanese and allow us to eliminate them before they return."

"Then we need to prepare.If we want the Japanese to stop their back stabs against us,we have to strike them in their roots."Zhaoming suggested.


"As much as i wish to avoid violence,Zhaoming is right.We did not start the war.....they did...and they have to pay for all the casualties caused."Jake agreed.

"We must start assembling our resources.Go for one final attack and eliminate the demons."Oliver adds on.

 "Very well.We have a deal."Zhide finished.





Hours later


Zhide and Xiangli hiked up Xishan mountain to return to Guan Yu.Xiangli was shivering despite having three layers of clothing as the howling cold wind constantly blasted at them.The sun was sinking behind the mountains as massive dark shadows cast over the two."I told you.....just let me come alone.It's not like i could get hurt or anything."

"Shut up Zhide.Just be grateful that i'm here to accompany you." Xiangli argues.

"The last i remember,the temple is somewhere near the peak,where there is a frozen tree in the middle of all this rocks."Zhide tried to encourage,but turned to wife to see he roll her eyes."We are barely even halfway up."

"You can go down first.I'll be fine here."

"Zhide,the only reason you could find that temple because you were pure at heart.I'm afraid that might change because you are currently plotting an attack against another country,not defending.With my presence, i can enhance your connection to the spiritual know....being a daughter of the Emperor."Xiangli could barely even finish her sentence as she let out a sneeze."Let me carry you at least."Zhide tells Xiangli,who nodded gratefully.


After another hour,Zhide's spirits lifted as he spotted the frozen tree in the distance."Xiangli,we are here."Xiangli looked up and smiled,still in a dazed mood." can put me down now.I should be able to walk."Zhide set Xiangli down,who leaned against the tree for support.Zhide turned around to see an enormous figure standing at the edge of the cliff,his long black beard swaying majestically with the flow of the wind,his face,painted slightly red and his head,dawning a green and gold glittered hat.The figure had a green robe,decorated with golden dragons and a long 6 feet spear with a saber as its tip.

"Lord Guan Yu!"Zhide yells as Guan Yu looked down on Zhide.

"Please come with me General.But your wife cannot follow.....she must stay here."Guan Yu says.

" are you speaking to?"Xiangli worriedly asks.

"Don't worry about it Xiangli.Just stay here for a bit,i have to speak to Lord Guan Yu."

"Guan Yu.....he is here?!"

Zhide nods.

"Alright....go ahead....i'll be fine."




Guan Yu led Zhide up the mountain where the temple stood.

"Lord Guan Yu.....excuse my curiosity but why can't my wife follow?" Zhide began.

"Your wife does not possess a truly pure heart.She may be the daughter of an Emperor,but her days as a warrior has displayed too much violence.Because unlike you Zhide,she does not avoid killing.But it was truly brave for her to lend you her strength to find us."Guan Yu answers.


 Guan Yu soon went back into the praying room where the giant Buddha statue stood,it's golden reflections almost blinding. "So.....uh.....why did you call me back Lord Guan Yu?"

Guan Yu sat down and into his meditating posture,taking in a deep breath."I am glad that you are still a good man.Most warriors who receive this power would have already surrendered it to greed,but are the first in centuries to still be a truly good man."

"Thank you Lord Guan Yu."Zhide answers,slamming his fist into his chest,a symbol of respect.


"Thank me?"Guan Yu laughed,his voiced boomed in echoes across the praying hall."You earned this Zhide.With that,i can finally rest in peace."

Zhide'a eyes widened."What do you mean?"

"When I first received this power,it was as a did help me win the war with CaoCao,but in doing so i am cursed with immortality in this temple till i can pass down this power to a successor."


Zhide's heart sank.Guan Yu.....cursed?

"Will i share the same curse?"Zhide asks.

"Fortunately.....i doubt so.Unlike you I was not pure at all....i forced myself to carry this power.Before i go....there is something i think you should know."

"I'm listening."

"I believe that you have already encountered demons.Am i right?"

"You know what they are?"

"Indeed.You see,Zhide,in anything in this universe.....when there is an equal,there will be an opposite.It is how the universe operates,it is how everything is balanced perfectly,so no force completely overpowers another.This is how underdogs are able to win."


"Ok...?"Zhide mutters,

"This power of is the light....those demons.....they are the shadows.I harvested this power from a meteor ,which i later learnt was half of the whole thing.The other half of this power......the shadow landed in Japan.That is how Shogun and the other two were able to harvest it,to obtain that power and thus becoming what you know as demons."Guan Yu finished.


"How many of them are there?How do i stop them?"

"I am terribly sorry Liang Zhide.But i have no answer to that.All i know if that this power that i have given you.....this is what you need to be able to fight them.I had once fought the Shogun before,but i was not strong enough.Thus i had to reside in this temple in order to still exist due to the major injuries he had given me.You need to get the Shadow Energy away from them.....keep it wisely away."

 "I will do my best."Zhide promised.

"Thank You Zhide.I wish you luck..........May the gods be in your favour."


Zhide watched devastatingly as Guan Yu dissolved in a smokey gold aura........................


 Zhide uncontrollably felt a tear flow down his cheek as he eventually took in a deep breath and stood up,only to realize that all of the monks were gone too.All except one.The first monk he met.

"Well done Zhide.I am sorry for ever doubting you."the monk says.

"And i am sorry for being rude to you."Zhide answers.

The monk smiles as he disappeared in a cloud of golden ash.







Xiangli looked up at Zhide,who looked extremely devastated in terms of facial expressions,but his body stood upright,ready for battle."Well?What happened?Is everything ok?"

"Guan Yu has passed on.His has left his legacy onto my shoulders."

Xiangli placed her hand over her mouth as she,too did not expect that news."What do we now?"




"We end the war."Zhide says,a confident and angry tone is his voice. 






 Next chapter-Good within Evil

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