As All The Heart Ever Knew.

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Submitted: January 30, 2018

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Submitted: January 30, 2018



Neither did it know any religion; the most royally invincible epitomes of the venerated Church/Temple/Mosque/Monastery; or the most haplessly oblivious alleys of inexplicably thwarting blindfaith,

Neither did it know any color; the most pricelessly impeccable of scintillating white; or the most perilously bemoaning shades of sadistic black,

Neither did it know any height; the most majestically infallible apogees of unimpeachable victory; or the most despondently skulking and parsimoniously
threadbare stones; lying on lackadaisically lugubrious soil,

Neither did it know any beauty; the most voluptuously aristocratic reflections of the perennial castle; or the most hideously grotesque faces; of the devils of cannibalistic hell,

Neither did it know any power; the most demonically menacing of politicians; or the most pathetically mercurial of ants; which got barbarously pulverized by the billions; at the rise of a singleton foot,

Neither did it know any wealth; the most unsurpassably sumptuous treasuries of undefeated glittering gold; or the most lecherously inconsolable beggars; parasitically clinging forever and ever and ever to the fabric of celestial society,

Neither did it know any versatility; the most brilliantly unassailable skies of spell binding talent; or the most nonchalantly immutable of bricks; which dogmatically refrained to budge even an inch forward; even as the ghastliest of hell inclemently
rained down on earth,

Neither did it know any scripture; the most victoriously bestowing pages of undefeated literature; or the most despicably besmirched mortuaries of fetidly livid illiteracy,

Neither did it know any boundary; the most insuperably blazing borders of the sanctimoniously dictatorial society; or the most disdainfully dingy confinements
of sacrilegiously vindictive jail,

Neither did it know any shape; the most ubiquitously ever-pervading forms of unalterable superiority; or the most inconspicuously dithering and digressing
worms of derogatory hatred,

Neither did it know any culture; the most ostentatiously flavored parties of profusely
smoke-laden baselessness; or the most rustically bohemian impressions of
the flagrantly uncivilized thumb,

Neither did it know any influential; the most charismatically enchanting of luminaries; or the most hopelessly dumb carrions of inane meaninglessness; which did nothing else but inundate the atmosphere with dastardly stench,

Neither did it know any magic; the most miraculously victorious metamorphosis of all poverty into a cloudburst of torrentially unrelenting currency coin; or the most irately burnt; unproductively infidel and cursed soil,

Neither did it know any fertility; the most indefatigably proliferating chapters of precocious civilization; or the most profanely impotent corpses of bizarrely devastating stagnation,

Neither did it know any fear; the most ominously massacring graveyards of the unsparingly jinxed spirit; or the most wretchedly plagued carcasses of the worthlessly wanton devil,

Neither did it know any victory; the most dynamically resurgent trouncing of the enemy at war; or the most forlornly lamenting losses of the gallows of wickedly
annihilating lies,

Neither did it know any fragrance; the most spell-bindingly tantalizing aroma of the poignantly scarlet rose; or the most unbearably melancholic odor of the abominable village gutter,

Neither did it know any language; the most blessedly sacrosanct of virile dialects; or the most vituperatively lambasting tongues of abhorrently truculent  contemptuousness

As all the heart ever knew on the trajectory of this fathomlessly iridescent Universe and ever since this earth was conceived and created; was to immortally
throb for the unshakably burgeoning spirit of love; love and perpetual love; infact the only word upon which its dictionary of insatiable passion; started and indefinitely ended.

© Copyright 2019 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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