Some people think life is depressing, I think it's a blessing

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Submitted: January 30, 2018

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Submitted: January 30, 2018



 Have you ever lost everyone you love? Ever been afraid of everyone stabbing you in the back? Disheartened that someone you love deeply will die? Everything I have ever been afraid of has happened to me. I lost people I loved. People have stabbed me in the back. Someone I loved more than anything died.

I lost Ariel a month ago. I am pretty sure you knew since I always talk about her. She died in a car crash. Her fiance was the only one not hurt. Gabby and Ariel were the ones who suffered. The car that hit them drove away. Not even stopping to see if anyone was okay. Gabby died instantly. a pole went through the car window going through Gabby. If she was wearing a seat belt she might have lived. The impact of the car crashing crushed Ariel's ribs. She died a few hours later. Gabby and Ariel were born together, and died together. They were the best of friends. I think god knew if he took one of them, the other one wouldn't survive without each other. Till this day I still miss them.

I can never trust anybody. Every time I try they just turn around and stab me in the back. Only people I could actually trust is my family and boyfriend. Even my own step dad stabbed us in the back. Because of him my mom can't even get a job. It is all so stressful. I am tired of my friends and even family stabbing me in the back. I just want  world of peace and people I can actually trust. 

Maybe one day my heart will heal. Maybe I won't ever be broken again. Maybe i'll have a good life again. Even though I don't have a good life now I still love the world. everyone should. It's the only one we will ever get. Some people think life is depressing I think it's a blessing.

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