Good VS. Evil

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I hate him more than anything. He was a superhero. Tyler, was a good person. But why would he ever be good? Who would ever save people? I am a supervillain. I always hated it when my brother always came out of nowhere and fixed every disaster I caused! I never did any good. I always caused trouble. Always killed people, not a care in the world. He is the worst brother ever to live with. 

I love my brother Alex. I never cared if he was a supervillain. I still liked him. He was still my brother. I always had to stop him from killing innocent people. I could never hate a soul in the world. That is just me. I am glad i love with Alex. I guess I just never understood why he could ever kill. Ever could hurt the people he loves. Why would anyone do that? How could anyone live with themselves if they knew they hurt the ones they loved? I always saved people. I never saw the bad in people, always the good. He is the best brother ever to live with. 

Tyler saw the good in Alex. Alex never liked Tyler. Tyler comes home whistling happily. As he walks he notices the apartment trashed. Cushions from the cash ripped apart and all over the room. Tyler growled angerily. He was annoyed by Alex's behavior. He suddenly heard Alex's scream of anger. Tyler runs out, Seeing Alex in the air. His eyes glowing. Tyler's eyes widen. realizing he had to fight his own brother.

Submitted: January 30, 2018

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