My Best Friend's Mom

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I couldn't hide my obvious desires for her.

She knew what I wanted.

When I was 14 I moved from San Francisco to this small little hick town in Northern California.

New to the area, I often kept to myself at school. Ate lunch on the bleachers and wished soon my family would realize they made a mistake and we moved back to where I considered my real home.

After a few days, I met my best friend. He and I for the next several years became close, practically brothers.

I can't recall how many nights I spent at his apartment. Practicing WWE (formerly WWF) wrestling moves on his 9 year old brother.

Although he was my best friend, I would be lying if I said I didn't go over there because of his sexy fucking Latina mom.

She was easily 20+ years older then me. She had a body you only see in rock & roll or rap videos. Big breasts, fat ass. I jacked off many nights imagining myself buried deep between those pillows.

When I would spend the nights there, she was always sweet to me. Treated me like family, always complimented me. I felt like she truly loved me like one of her own.


I was spending the night again. My best friend wasn't home yet. I had become so comfortable over there, I often showed up like I lived there. And I was never sent home. Like I said, I was like family.

That night, my best friend was at some party. Me being anti-social, I was just hanging out at his pad playing video games. It was a nice escape from my step-dad.

His mom came home one night from the bar a couple blocks away, not hammered but tipsy for sure.

She was a funny drunk. Slurred words, stumbling, all that.

She came home and immediately asked me if I was hungry. I told her no, but by her nature she started making me something to eat.

After I had ate and we both relaxed on the couch, she seemed to get a little sleepy. The slit in her shirt revealed both her breasts nearly popping out over the top.

I couldn't help but stare. Being a 14 year old teenager, raging hormones, the near sight of a toned leg in a skirt could send me over the edge.

I could feel the seam in my pants grow tighter.

She hadn't dozed off completely. She was more in and out the whole time. Frequently waking and sitting up for just a moment. 

The last time she awoke, she adjusted her shirt so her breasts didn't just flop out. I was heart broken. I had hoped for that the whole time.

I made my way to the bathroom to fix the problem in my pants. 

My balls were so swollen. I felt like I was carrying two bowling balls in my pants.

For what felt like hours, I tried to relieve myself but the sensitivity of my balls was too much for me to continue. I hoped it wasn't obvious to anyone on the other side of the door. I poured water in the toilet to cover my real activity. 

I ran into his mom while leaving the bathroom. She still looked a little out of it. I thought she was gonna puke. She asked me what I was doing but I quickly lied and said I didn't feel good. 

She glanced down at the obvious bulge in my crotch and knew I was lying. She called me out and asked me again what I had been doing in there. I again lied, trying to shift my leg to get rid of the obvious crease. 

She hadn't stopped looking. Watching her thirst at the look only made it worse. I tried to walk by her but she knocked one side of it with her knuckle, driving me to slouch in embarrassment. 

She harassed me to tell her what I was really doing. I tried my best to hide it. She started cussing me out in Spanish. Some of the words I knew but by her tone I could tell she was serious. 

I broke down and told her I was trying to jack off. She looked disappointed in me. I could tell by her expression she couldn't believe I was trying to do that in her home where she welcomed me with open arms. 

After a few moments, she wanted to know why and wouldn't stop asking. This was the one answer I didn't want to tell her. I was already embarrassed because of my boner, I didn't want her to know she was the reason.

I avoided as best I could until she threatened to kick me out and send me home. How could I explain this to my parents why I was sent home at 1 in the morning from my best friend's house.

"OKAY! Because of you!" I shouted in angst.

The blood immediately dissipated from my erection. I could feel it in my chest. I was frozen. Half of me wanted to run out of the apartment screaming at the top of my lungs. The other half of me was trying not to puke all over her.

She wasn't acting as feared as I thought she would. She stood there, leaning against the doorway, with a curious expression spread across her face. She continued to glance down. 

"Me huh?" she asked, obviously curious.

I nodded. She asked what exactly I was turned on by. I told her everything. Her body, voice, tattoos, seriously everything. 

She asked me if I ever had sex before. The closest I had come at that age was seeing my brothers girlfriend suck his dick. 

She informed me that it was really inappropriate because of the nature of my friendship with her son, not to mention I was a minor and nothing physical could happen.

I let her know I was sorry and I knew I offended her. That's when she locked eyes with me.

"I'm not offended" she assured me.

Leaning in closer to me, she took her finger and slid it across my jawline. She placed her leg in-between mine. I began to get hard again. Her eyes shot down to my hard on.

A smile spread across her angelic face.

I was entranced once again.

She took my hand gently and guided me to the couch where we sat down together.

I remember the sweat building under my arms. I didn't know what to think. What was she gonna do? Were we gonna talk about it? This was already awkward enough. I didn't need to explain in details anything else. 

She stood up to take her jacket off, and sat back down next to me to get more comfortable. 

Oh boy was I nervous. I couldn't stop messing with my hands. 

She placed her hand on my leg. I twitched. I looked over. She had a comforting smile on her face. I felt myself beginning to relax a bit more.

She scooted closer. My nerves got so bad I began to shake. She gently whispered in my ear,

"Relax. It's ok".

It didn't matter. I was shaking like I got out of a ice cold river.

"Take him out" she told me.

I looked at her confused.


She nodded to my crotch, seductively looking me in the eyes.

"The king".

I hesitated at first. Was this real? Was she just fucking with me?

I unzipped and took my pants down. Boxers still on. She looked down and muttered.

"All of it". 

I abided and took the boxers down.

There it was. Mushroom sized head, with a thick shaft up front. Throbbing.

His mom smiled, like she was proud of me.

She pulled her shirt down, pink lace bra, ripe breasts barely staying in. 

She smirked.

"Stroke it for me".

"What?" I asked, shaking with nerves.

"You heard me. Stroke that big cock" she told me, licking her lips,glaring at my cock.

I couldn't move for a second. I wasn't sure what to do. She took her breasts out of the bra. My God if they weren't the biggest most beautiful tits I layed eyes on. She began cupping and playing with them.

I began to slowly jerk my cock. 

She lowered her tone and leaned into my ear. I can't remember some of the things she said, but I know it was for me to continue to jerk my cock harder.

I could see she enjoyed watching me jerk my big cock. She took one of her hands and slid it into her pants to play with herself. That prompted me to jerk harder and harder.

She could see how much I liked it. 

I uttered that she was so fucking hot and I wanted to fuck her so bad. 

She began speaking Spanish to me. I had no idea what she was saying but it made my cock throb more.

My stomach sucked in, eyes closed tight as I jerked harder and harder. The head swollen and red. It was seconds before I would cum all over myself. 

I could feel the build like a volcano ready to burst.

"Uhh...I'm gonna fuckin cum!!!" I yelled out.

She got to her knees, squeezed my cock between her tits and rubbed them up and down my cock. My eyes tightly closed as the orgasm was too much to bare.

I could feel each ejaculation!

Each one more intense then the last. My breathing was in and out. I felt like I was coming down from a roller coaster.

The feeling  of my balls empty.

I opened my eyes. She was covered from head to breasts in cum.

"Now, was that so hard?" she exclaimed.


Submitted: January 31, 2018

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Amy F. Turner

Wow... That is certainly an experience one would never forget. Well written. Good job.

Fri, July 27th, 2018 4:36pm

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