A Kid's Dream I

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An actual dream I had regarding a large mythical beast. All people in the story are based on real friends of mine (even the dog). Some parts are based on actual events, some parts 'really' occured
in the dream and others well...let's just say I have a wild imagination.

Submitted: January 30, 2018

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Submitted: January 30, 2018



A Kid’s Dream I

“Come on Jack don’t be like that. Just pass me the ball already!”

Jack shot the ball towards Cindy, skipping me. Before I could intercept the ball from her I was already running towards Jack again. They were toying with me yet I didn’t mind. I knew that once one of them slipped their guard I would then swoop in and take the ball. Jack shot a weak pass to Cindy and finally my opportunity had arrived. However we were interrupted by a loud sound that came from the sky.

“Look up there!” Cindy said.
“What is that thing?” I said.
“It has a tail!” Jack said very observantly.
“Is that really the thing you find most strange about that huge flying beast?”
“We should follow it guys!”
“Are you nuts!? Why would we do that? I think I’ll have more success with this ball.”
“You were never going to take that ball from me dude.”
“The hell I would. I’m definitely able to beat your ass.”
“Boys, boys calm down would you. Let’s just chase that thing. Look…it’s landing behind those houses!”
“What’s the matter with you today? Don’t you want to do something girly now or something?”
“Screw you Jack,” she said with a straight face.
“Alright fine, let’s go. We can at least hide behind the bushes. That will at least lessen the change of us getting killed.”
“You’re such a wuss dude!”
“Bite me!”
“Come on you two. Mrs. Jackson’s backyard is filled with thick bushes. If we go past those houses over there we can get in her backyard and then hide in the bushes. We’ll have a good view and that thing can’t see us. Doesn’t that sound like a plan?”

Cindy felt very confident that this would work. I however was not so sure yet I agreed to it since I still was quite curious. We went behind Mrs. Jackson house and entered her backyard. We started to crouch and slowly we went forward into the bushes. We were covered well enough to not get spotted. I opened a small hole in the bushes for us to gaze through.

“Look at that fricking thing!” I said a little too loud.
“Shhh…quiet. We need to whisper from now on,” Cindy said softly.
“We need to get out of here guys! That’s a full size dragon we are staring at!”
Jack was clearly nervous and he had every right to be. We were currently looking at a red dragon with scales the size of our heads. It was not really doing anything and just sat in the grass. Its eyes were green with no pupils and it had two large horns on its head.
“Gross dude…what’s the matter with you,” Jack said while holding his nose.
“I’m sorry…it’s just that when I get nervous I can sometimes…you know…fart.”

The dragon suddenly lifted his head into the air and inhaled deeply. It smiled and then opened its mouth.

“Ah yes…that is clearly the distinct smell of a child’s fart. I just to happen to love that smell…the smell of fear. Show yourself infant!”
“Holy shit that thing can talk,” I whispered.
“We need to get out of here…now! If that thing breathes fire we are all going to be gone…you two know that right?”
“Just calm down Jack…we just need to shuffle backwards quietly. We can circle the dragon while we stay hidden in the bushes. It won’t notice us and we can still see what it is doing.”
Cindy’s plan sounded good and we went for it. We circled the creature through the thick shrubbery. It however was not impressed with our escape plan.
“Truly a pathetically executed escape plan by sneaking through the bushes. Did you three really think I wouldn’t spot that? And yes I have already established that there is in fact three of you. Come out, come out wherever you are!”
The dragon sat the field ablaze to force us out of hiding. We fled through a narrow side passage leading us into the open. The three of us were now standing on the street and saw the dragon lifting off from the ground. We decided to flee before it was completely airborne.
“Jack, come on! We’ve got to get out of here.”
“How can we possibly outrun a dragon?” Jack asked us.
“If we can make it into the woods we can at least lure it away from this dense urban area. Or maybe it will just get bored if it can’t find us.”

I finally had something smart to say.
We ran down the street and took a left just past Damian’s house. After we went past Damian’s house we ran to a small passage next to a shallow creek that led to the forest. We ran towards it as fast as we could. The dragon had spotted our general direction so we tried to hide in the dense forest as quickly as possible.

“Come now children, you have nothing to fear. I merely want to burn you alive! Why are you running? Don’t you kids just love a good barbeque? I do!”

A highway was built over the creek and to prevent the natural flow of the water, a tunnel was created that went underneath the road. We knew it was a great place to hide in since it was only about five feet tall. It was perfect for three child sized humans and not so much for a substantially larger mythical being. Once it flew over, we left the tunnel and went further into the woods.

“So what are we going to do now?” I asked.
“We just need to hide until we know for certain that we’re safe,” Cindy answered.
“What we need to do is hide under our beds and hope that our parents know the answer. I just imagine waking up in my bed and realizing this is all but a dream. And you know what? I’m going to ignore everything I’ve seen here and just go home.”
“Wait Jack, don’t go! That thing is real you know. If that dragon isn’t stopped maybe it will just burn our houses down…and then what are you going to do? You can’t hide under a burned down bed!”
“I’ve had enough of this…all of this is not real. Both of you are welcome to join me.”

Jack ran off and eventually after an argument between Cindy and me, we went after him. We caught up to Jack about halfway into the forest. He had bumped into Rodney. He was walking his dog and he had a scared look on his face.

“He Rodney…what are you doing here?” I said.
“Well I was quietly walking the dog until I was told that there is a dragon flying around. After acquiring that information I decided to just not move. Hopefully it will just leave me alone.”
“Has Jack also told you that it is after us? So now that you are associated with us you might as well join our little group.”
“Oh this is just fantastic. Usually I can just run away from these types of situations. Although I’m quite certain I can’t outrun a dragon. So…does anybody have a plan on how to kill that thing or something?”
“Kill!? I thought running and hiding was a better alternative.”
“Maybe we can lure it into the creek. I mean water puts out fire right? So maybe the creek can defeat that dragon…because of the water. That makes sense, right?”

Jack pitched the plan and we went along with it. I just felt that there was really no alternative to it. It wasn’t a good plan since it was very dangerous and yet the alternative was worse. Were we just going to let it run rampant? Of course not! We had to do something at least. So the four of us, five if you count Rodney’s dog, ran back to the tunnel and hid underneath again.
Now I have to say I’m not proud of myself for pitching this to the group but it was the song that was stuck in my head at the time. I had heard the song Blue da ba dee by Eiffel 65 many times. It was truly a catchy song to me. Therefore I came up with the perfect way to lure the creature into the shallow water. This would surely end the life of the big dragon or so I thought.
Jack and I came out into the open and looked directly at the beast. It spotted us from the sky.

“You ready?”
“Let’s do this!”
“Yo listen up…here’s the story about a little guy that lives in a blue world…”

The dragon looked at us and smirked at our dance moves.

“Is that supposed to scare me?! I’d like to see your hottest moves!”

The creature flew around and started to set the forest ablaze. It wanted to trap us in the flames yet we kept on dancing. There were people casually walking their dogs and they ran out of the forest. We heard sirens in the distance and knew that fire trucks were approaching. This gave Cindy an idea yet Rodney had something else in mind.

“Just keep dancing! It probably won’t come down to the ground but at least you guys can keep it distracted!”
“Alright it’s getting a little hot for Buddy and me. I think we’ll go to the other side of the tunnel. Good luck with the dragon and all. I’m sure I’ll read all about it in tomorrow’s newspaper.”
“Rodney! You’re not going anywhere. If we don’t keep that thing distracted it will burn all of our houses down…don’t you understand?!”
“Why does this have to happen to me? I must be dreaming…somebody pinch me!”
Cindy slapped Rodney in the face and looked at him with a stern look on her face.
“Go out there and do the stupid dance. I’ll leave once you’ve gotten its attention.”
“Oh ok, so you can run away but I can’t. Just because you’re a girl it’s okay to just run away. I’m a boy so I’m expected to stay…right?
“God…you’re such a douche! I’m going to intercept the fire trucks and lure them over here. Those things are filled with water and that can help us greatly.”
“Why? Are you thirsty?”

I heard a sigh coming from Cindy and she pushed Rodney out of the tunnel.
It was almost like the three of us had practised the choreography of the song. We danced seamlessly together and finally the dragon had enough.

“You pitiful creatures have wasted my time long enough. Soon your forest will be in ashes and there will be nowhere to run! I’ll consume your flesh and you will be screaming for mercy. I’ll tear all of you limb from limb and feast on your delicious blood!”
“This isn’t exactly a kid friendly dragon,” Jack whispered to me.
“Why would you expect a dragon to be kid friendly anyway?” I said.
“Well Spyro is kid friendly I think.”
“Why does that matter!? Just keep dancing!”
“We could really use those fire trucks Cindy! Otherwise they might as well send ambulances!”

Rodney was definitely feeling nervous. Meanwhile his dog Buddy smartly remained in the tunnel.
The sirens were coming in closer. We assumed that Cindy briefed all of the firemen about the situation and this would no doubt confuse them all. The dragon flew down toward us and landed in a large open space. It walked toward us and we were quite scared. We had not yet seen the creature up this close before and we were frozen stiff.

Well, well the dancing is finally over it seems. Just three scared children now stand before me…trembling with fear. Oh…if you all had just stayed inside on this wonderful day. Then I would not be forced to tear those tender skulls from your bodies.”

“Have you always been this angry?” Jack asked.

I looked at Jack like he was crazy. I elbowed him to catch his attention.

“Are you nuts?” I said softly.
“We have to stall right? Then just keep talking.” Jack whispered.

The dragon inhaled deeply and enjoyed the smell.

“Hmmm, you smell just wonderful. It smells like fear with a taste of arrogance…my favourite kind of taste. I shall save you for last. I will start with an appetizer. Now let me see…hmm…ah yes…you!”

The dragon looked at Rodney and approached him. It inhaled deeply once again causing Rodney’s hat to be sucked into one of his nostrils.

“I usually like to start with cowards. They can never quite fill me up you see. However you will need to be cooked first. I never eat my meals raw. I like to see them be burned to a crisp first.”

Suddenly I saw Cindy sitting in one of the fire trucks. The trucks turned off their sirens to avoid distracting the dragon. The five trucks had readied their fire cannons and aimed them at the dragon. Cindy honked the horn and the dragon turned around.

“You dare to interrupt my meal, you vermin! You and those machines cannot stop me. I…am…death!”
“NOW!” Cindy yelled.

Water came shooting out of the fire cannons to extinguish the dragon once and for all. The creature was squirming in agony. It had no choice but to fly away and never return.

Suddenly I woke up from the dream. I was sitting upright in my bed covered in sweat. Somehow the heat in my dream caused me to perspire profusely. I stepped out of my bed and walked over to my parents’ bedroom while wearing my Star Wars pyjamas.
I knocked on the door softly and entered the room. My mother was awake…of course she was. The slightest sound would always wake her up. I looked at her and she nodded her head. She knew why I was in the bedroom. Without asking any questions I was allowed to sleep in between my parents. They had a double bed with plenty of room to sleep in the middle. My father would always be sleeping on his side facing the window. That meant he would only realize I was lying next to him when he woke up.
I crawled to the middle of the bed and my mother handed me part of her blanket. The middle of that double bed became my safe place to hide from any future nightmares. And believe me there were plenty of those…


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