Man's Best Friend

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Our protagonist suddenly finds out his dog can speak...after ten years. He wants to return to his home planet and asks for help from our protagonist.

Submitted: January 30, 2018

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Submitted: January 30, 2018



Man’s Best Friend


Greg sat in his rocking chair enjoying a beautiful day outside.  His dog sat down next to him waiting to be petted. Greg smiled and scratched Rufus behind his ear.

“What a nice day…right boy?”

“I agree with you Greg.”

“What the fuck?!”


Greg was perplexed since he has had Rufus for ten years now. Not once has the dog made any indication that it could speak. He told Greg that his real name was Goodboy. He was captured by the bounty hunter Baddog and sold to a shelter on Earth for a mere soup bone. They were about to trade him off to slave planet Barkin until Greg came along. After ten years he was finally able to trust Greg and speak his mind.


“I must return to my real home on Dogshed. My wife Goodgirl and my little boy Goodson are waiting for me. They need to know that I am still alive. We need to travel to the cemetery and open the portal.”

“Why do you need me?”

“I can’t return without you…you’re my friend.”


Both travelled to the cemetery. Goodboy barked three times to open a portal.


“I don’t know if I can do it,” Greg felt hesitant.

“I think you’ll find out that you are very welcome with my family.”

Greg took a deep breath and went through the portal with Goodboy.


Once they reached the other side Goodboy started to walk upright and aged quite a bit. Greg didn’t feel like himself either. He shrunk quite a bit and felt very youthful. The two of them were noticed by an old woman walking with a man.


“Holy tennis ball…is that really you Goodboy?”

“It is my love, finally together again as a family. And look who I found on the other side!”

“Is that Snuffles?! He has been missing for forty years now”

“I’m afraid he is gone Goodson. I got you a new human though...from a shelter! His name is Bestfriend.”



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