Fool's Gold

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A man finds burried treasure in his backyard. However something is not right about this treasure and a strange figure is coming to collect.

Submitted: January 30, 2018

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Submitted: January 30, 2018



Fool’s gold


Larry was given an axe by his one of his neighbours.

“It’s time to chop her down for good Lar.”


He was given an ultimatum to finally cut down the old tree in his backyard. Once the tree was cut Larry discovered a chest of gold nuggets buried underneath.

“Jesus Christ…would you look at all this gold! It must be worth a fortune!”


He decided to share his new found wealth with both neighbours. Soon they discovered that all who touched the gold began to fear it.

“No, you should take the gold and spend it on a new car. I’m afraid to get a heart attack if I go out.”

“I can’t Larry! The spiders will take over if we spend any of the gold!”


The three were contemplating a means to spend the gold when suddenly Larry was struck by a memory. He remembered a warning note on top of the chest.

“Why didn’t you tell us before?!”

“Look Chuck could you just try to be reasonable. Who puts a warning note on top of a chest? I wanted to see what was inside.”


Indeed Larry was not the brightest of minds. After the letter was read they now understood that the gold belongs to Yidaya the Collector. Only he could lift the curse from the gold so they thought. On the back of the note there was a number, very much similar to a telephone number. They called it and a man answered.

“State the nature of your call.”

“Uh…we found your money,” Larry said.


“Coordinates? What are you a pirate or something?”

“Never mind, I know where you are.”


A large blue man wearing a large brown trench coat appeared out of nowhere. He asked about the gold and the three men showed it to him. Yidaya started to laugh.


“What’s so funny,” Norman asked.

“I forgot all about this stuff. You must be terribly afraid of it. It spreads out a neurotoxin that marks its targets and the side effect is fear. This, gentlemen is not a currency but a living organism. Once you fear it you will never be able to simply get rid of it. Think of it as a mother in law staying over for just the weekend and then never leaving.”

“Is all that true?” Larry asked.

“Uh…sure it is.”


Yidaya grabbed his pistol and shot the three in the head. He collected all of their belongings and threw them into the chest. His vanished to another part of the planet and dowsed the contents of the chest with some sort of perfume. He buried it in the ground and planted a tree on top of it.

“…And now we play the waiting game.”



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