The Old Bungalow

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The door opened with a creaking sound. The inside of the old bungalow was covered in darkness except few dim lights which kept struggling with the darkness and were successful in keeping few corners illuminated. As I entered the bungalow a squeaking sound started emerging from the floor. I heard ticking sound of an old grandfather clock and it ticked the twelfth hour of the night. I kept moving forward and the creaking sound followed me till I stopped, when I felt stairs. In the dim lights I could see three rooms upstairs so I thought of going upstairs. The second step of mine on the stairs brought me the screeching of bats on the ceiling. After few seconds of climbing the stairs, lightning painted me the interior of the bungalow. I got on the first floor and headed towards the first room. When I entered the room I lit one of the few matchsticks I was left with. Searching for candles or any source of light on the tables in the room I found none. So I was left with no option other then going to the second room as the small match won't serve me long. I stepped inside the second room and water around my leg splashed around like smoke after a bomb is dropped in war. I realised that there was a hole in the ceiling as it was raining heavily outside. There won't be any useful items as water must have ruined them so the last room was left. The last matchstick was lit inside the last room which painted me the way to a table which had a candle. Lighting the candle I observed the room. There was an old rocking chair with cushions scattered all over it. Above it was an large rope operated fan which was used in the ancient times , but the problem was the rope to swing the fan was absent. This room was more comfortable then the other two as it atleast has a chair unlike other two one of which was nearly full wet. I kept my blazer carefully on the cushion of the chair to make it a place to sit. Keeping the candle beside the chair on the table I kept my body slowly on the chair in the most comfortable position I could think of. "It was really an exhausting day, there was the marriage so I had to wake up early . My car broke down and the storm was a treat for the situation to be worst", I said to myself. With nothing else to do I started thinking about the beautiful bridesmaids who were flirting with me and how unlucky for me to loose their number. One of them remind me of Sara and how she ended everything with me in front of everyone on our wedding day. I was awoken by a fly which went inside my ear. I couldn't remember when I felt asleep. There was something unusual about the atmosphere in the room. A beautiful smell was coming from the behind me . I moved a little just to find out that the rocking chair was good as new , no dissorted cushion , no squeaking sound nothing. I could feel the air out of the new fan which was above me , someone was moving the rope and producing a gentle wind . I asked " Is there anybody?". There was no reply. I got up from the chair and went outside the room. I saw for a moment the glorious days of the house , new red carpet, new lights, yellow coloured walls, nicely decorated with flowers. Everything around me which I could see was not possible. Fear captured me when the magnificent house returned to it's original condition. I started running down the stairs when my leg got stuck inside the last wooden stair. I fell on the floor when someone threw my blazer out of the room. I picked it up and heard a scream, "Nooo". I ran towards the door . I could notice anything else except the way in front of me . Opening the door I saw two legs which relieved me as I was not alone. I rolled my eyes upward observing him and there was the lighting after which I fell on the ground and become unconscious.

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R.Guy Behringer

Creepy and fun.

Tue, January 30th, 2018 10:25pm


Loved it

Wed, January 31st, 2018 10:36am

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