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Skyler Bardon was 18 at the time she met Eric Keys. Skyler is a shy girl and has blond hair and light blue eyes and she has a lighter skin tone than Eric and she is only 5ft. On the other hand Eric
is the more outgoing, goofy, and funny and Eric was 19 at the time. Eric has green eyes and fawn colored hair and has a darker skin tone than Skyler and he is 6 foot 4. Skyler met Eric in high
school.. She was getting bullied at the time and accidentally face planted into Eric and Tanner is the child of Eric and Skyler…. Tanner is thin and is 6 foot 2, has dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes,
big smile (always) .Hazel isn't a main character but I'm not gonna talk a lot about her in this story so... moving on :) Hope you guys enjoy :)

Submitted: January 30, 2018

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Submitted: January 30, 2018





Skyler was head over heels for Eric and she knew that he felt the same way just by the way he looked  at her but she was way to shy to ask him out. So it was Nov. 12 (her birthday) and Eric finley asked Skyler to be his girlfriend. “Skyler will you make me the happiest man in high school and be my girlfriend” asked Eric “About time you finally asked me out” said Skyler. 2 months later

“When I look in your gorges blue eyes I see all the star in the galaxy coiled together” said Eric I was trying not to blush but I could feel my face starting to get red… “And when you blush you make me melt like snow” said Eric in a sincere voice “AWW Eric I love you with all my heart” said Skyler I couldn't help but to blush. (December 20th) was Skyler and Eric’s wedding day blah blah blee blee blah blee blah blah blee blee blee…. Do you Eric Keys take Skyler Bardon to be your lawfully wedded wife “I do” Eric said while looking into Skyler’s eyes… Do you Skylar Bardon take Eric Keys to be your lawfully wedded husband “I do” said Skylar looking back at Eric and she giggles… you may now kiss the bride… it was the most passionate kiss in the world and I knew he was the one I loved, I wanted to be with, I wanted to spend the rest of my life with...a few years later I had a beautiful baby boy and we named him Tanner.(*TANNER is now 20 years old ) . Tanner was known for his friendly bear hugs and his gentla like smile that could melt your heart, that boy had no mean bone in his body, and never was disrespectful to anyone didn't matter if you were his enemy.{it was 12:00 am} ”MOM I'M GOING TO HAZEL’S I FOR GOT SOMETHING” said Tanner “OKAY I LOVE YOU BE CAREFUL” told Skyler “OKAY MUM” Tanner said while he laughs…. So Skyler is in the kitchen cooking something for supper when Eric comes in and says “Something smells good” he hugs her from behind and gently moves her hair to the other side and kisses her neck and turns her around and wrapes his arms around her and sits her on the conter and there lips crash he goes to undo her shirt "No..wait untill tonight" said Skyler putting her hands on his chest… “Where is Tanner” said Eric curiously “Oh he's going to Hazel’s house to pick up something he left there… hopefully he doesn't bring home Hazel again” said Skylar…. Just then they heard a knock at there front door and they stopped heastly and Eric opened the door and its State Trooper… “What may I help you with sir” asked Eric “May I come in “ said the Officer “WhAt Is wrOnG” said Eric uneasy feeling… “Whos at the door” asked Skyler as she jumps off the conter “A state trooper” said Eric unwilling “....” Skyler runs to the door “I’m afraid that I have some bad news” said the officer taking off his hat...Skyler digs her head into Erics chest “Your son is dead he was hit by a drunk driver, the guy that was drunk swerved into his lane and struck him and killed your son… it looks like your son was coming back home but he was with this girl” said the office trying not to tear up while standing in these peoples house.”She isn't hurt though… she is fine but she's at the ER getting checked out” said the officer “Is ThiS sOme KInD OF JoKE” said Eric kinda upset and annoyed. “No sir” said the Office and walked off and got into his car “Sweetheart come here” Eric said in a calm voice trying to not upset his wife even more “......” Skyler weeps and says nothing while she slowly sinkes to the floor {(Eric gets on the floor and comforts his wife with his arms around his wife kissing her and picking her up and putting her on the couch)} Skyler yells “I LOVE YOU TANNER” to see maybe that would bring him back… it didn't work “Honey you are going to wake the neighbors” “SHHH” said Eric try to calm Skyler down. “Please Skyler “ Eric “NO I CANT CALM DOWN” said Skyler... phone rings Skyler pusses Eric out of the way and picks up the phone “OH MY GOD” said Hazel crying and sniffling  “HE'S DEAD” said Hazel  “I know sweetheart I know “said Skylar trying to get ahold of herself...Hazel hangs up the phone "Hazle.. Hazle are you there" said Skyler..Skyler sinks to the floor and crys "Babe came here" said Eric..Skyler stands up and walks over to Eric and she wraps her arms around Eric and crys her heart out


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