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I forgot I had this. This is why I don't visit chat rooms any more or have time for their inane stupidity. I had copy and pasted this from a long time ago and came across this banter in a file that
I had saved in my pc. At this point I don't remember who these people are but I find it funny to look back at it now and read it. I actually didn't write any of this so in some ways to say its a
story by me is wrong and I apologize for that. Its rambling and makes no sense really. . Perhaps though, others may see this and it will make them laugh like it did me. I thank you for your
indulgence here.

Bitch: ok 21:27
x_fashionable creeper: not fucking stupid 21:27
x_fashionable creeper: same ip number 21:27
Natty Lite.: Woah, fail? 21:28
Natty Lite.: no tellin its me? 21:28
Bitch: fuck yourself 21:28
RenesmeeCx3Baby: O,e 21:28
x_fashionable creeper: no thanks i have a fiance for that :D right Natty? 21:28
Bitch: dan hows it goin 21:28
Natty Lite.: -rolls eyes; 21:28
Natty Lite.: DAMN STRAIGHT. 21:28
Bitch: hes mental 21:29
Bitch: like you 21:29
Dan: good and you? 21:29
RenesmeeCx3Baby: FAIL. 21:29
Dan: Bitch 21:29
Dan: lol 21:29
Bitch: ok 21:29
x_fashionable creeper: nessie, talia wanna handle this im on the phone with my sister 21:29
Natty Lite.: OOOH. Tell her I said hey. :] 21:29
Natty Lite.: So, do you have no life? 21:30
Natty Lite.: I mean, are we the only people who talk to you? 21:30
x_fashionable creeper: she says "Hi, love" 21:30
RenesmeeCx3Baby: OKIEEE.<3 21:30
RenesmeeCx3Baby: tell her i said she's a hooker. 21:30
x_fashionable creeper: she said "YOU'RE GROUNDED." 21:30
Chris Redfield: wow this is BORRRINNGGG 21:31
Chris Redfield: gotta go 21:31
Chris Redfield left the chat 21:31
RenesmeeCx3Baby: tell her i said " NO I'M NOT. I REFUSE TO BE GROUNDED " 21:31
Dan: yep 21:31
x_fashionable creeper: wow this died 21:34
RenesmeeCx3Baby: it did. xD 21:34
Bitch: dan im tryin think upa clever way to pull somethin off 21:35
Natty Lite.: ... 21:35
Natty Lite.: Fail again. 21:35
x_fashionable creeper: dan left dumbasd 21:35
Bitch: no thatd be your thing slut 21:35
x_fashionable creeper: dumbass* 21:35
RenesmeeCx3Baby: 21:36
RenesmeeCx3Baby: BHAHAHAHAHA. 21:36
x_fashionable creeper: learn how to look at the visitors list 21:36
Natty Lite.: I'm not a slut. 21:36
Bitch: yes you are 21:36
Natty Lite.: You're the one who can't keep her legs closed. 21:39
AshleighPaige joined the chat 21:39
Bitch: hi ash 21:40
AshleighPaige: who is thiis 'Bitch' person? 21:40
Bitch: thats you nat 21:40
Bitch: mine are always locked 21:40
Natty Lite.: No, And you can't call me Nat. It's Natalia to you, you cum infested whore. 21:40
AshleighPaige: Yoooo! chill tf out 21:40
RenesmeeCx3Baby: CAN I CALL YOU NAT? 21:41
Bitch: ash she harass me 21:41
AshleighPaige: your acting like 4 yr olds. 21:41
AshleighPaige: actually. 21:41
AshleighPaige: my 3 yr old cuzzin in more mature 21:41
Bitch: ash sher started fight with me 21:41
AshleighPaige: huh 21:41
Natty Lite.: Yes. 21:41
Bitch: called me dumb cause i had typos 21:41
AshleighPaige: learn proper grammer. 21:42
Natty Lite.: And, Ashleigh, she is the one who started all of this. 21:42
Bitch: i know how to spell my keu board was being an ass 21:42
AshleighPaige: i don't understand improper grammer. srsly. 21:42
RenesmeeCx3Baby: key* 21:42
Bitch: that was you 21:42
RenesmeeCx3Baby: Seriously* 21:42
AshleighPaige: i can spell. i just text WAY TOO MUCH 21:43
AshleighPaige: soo what's up with sitemodel being offline? 21:44
Bitch: im not talking to you natalua or renesemee 21:44
Bitch: no idea 21:44
RenesmeeCx3Baby: Natalia* 21:44
Bitch: they are updating 21:44
AshleighPaige: lamesz. 21:44
Bitch: kdc about either of you 21:44
AshleighPaige: then why don't you leave? 21:45
Bitch: i know ashliegh they are updating 21:45
AshleighPaige: if you don't like the people in here, then bounce. 21:45
x_fashionable creeper: wow what the fuck is going on? 21:47
AshleighPaige: no clue. 21:48
AshleighPaige: i just got back in here. 21:48
AshleighPaige: its kinda funny though, cuzz i feel like im being insulted by a moron 21:48
x_fashionable creeper: dude this bitch chick thinks she is way smarter then everyone else 21:49
AshleighPaige: yeahhh 21:49
RenesmeeCx3Baby: She does. -.- 21:49
AshleighPaige: lOVE the improper grammer btw. 21:49
RenesmeeCx3Baby: Whaa?o.o 21:50
RenesmeeCx3Baby: tell your sorella that i'm not grounded 21:51
x_fashionable creeper: my fucking finger hurts 21:53
AshleighPaige eyes are killingg her. 21:57
AshleighPaige: night. 21:57
AshleighPaige left the chat 21:57
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(Shakes my head and laughs. Sometimes we sit back and can't help but look at the automobile wreck. Maybe they should change the name of these things from Chat Rooms to Romper Rooms or maybe Padded Rooms. In any case I have to wonder about who people really are behind the "masks" in these places and what their age really is. 

Thanks for indulging me here. I found this highly amusing when I came across it by accident, although highly weird like most chat rooms. 

Submitted: January 31, 2018

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