Technology from Then to Now

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Back in the 1990s, computers were very large, cellphones were impossible to insert into the pocket, internet was very slow, antennas on radios and televisions had to be pointing at a certain direction to get a clear hearing or visual. Today, computers are wireless that have a wi-fi adapter, cellphones are touchscreen and are basically being used for internet and mp3 use, some homes have smart home devices that can be controlled with a device called Alexa or can be controlled through an android or apple phone. Each year, technology evolves and more new technology are being developed. We are going to look into how technology was back then, how far has technology evolved, and how will technology even further and affect our future.
When we look at technology from the old days from today's point of view, all the technology has aged by so much. People had to spend amount of money on batteries like AA or AAA to use certain devices wirelessly like electronic toys, walk-mans, cd-players, flashlights, radios, etc. Nothing was compact, everything was large, like cellphones that had the visual of a brick or PC monitors that looked like a 18x18x18 shipping box. Video game graphics was amazing at the time just haveing small portions of cinematics or the evolution of music in video games from the 80s to the 90s was a huge jump from synth to actual instruments. Everyone enjoyed listening to cassette tapes and no one mind taking their tme rewinding or fowarding to their favorite song, but when compact discs were introduced, it made listening to music much simpler with the features to replay, back, and skip instead of rewinding to listen to a song again or flipping it to listen to the other half of the cassette album. Everything may looked awkward and slow from today's view, but there would not be great technology today without the success of the old classic technology.
Technology and devices has evolved by so much compared to the 1990s. Everything is more compact, slimmer, and looks so much better. Performance in phones and computers has improved including the more memory storage and rams. Smart home devices is a huge success and controlling devices around the house, with a cellphone or voice-command like Alexa, much easier. With just an android or apple phone, people do some of their work, scheduling, social medias, internet usage, and play games since the phones are as strong as a budget laptop or computer. Nowadays, people can connect to a wi-fi connection almost anywhere to use internet on their devices or if they have the money, they can get the data-plan to use their internet on their cellular devices anytime and anywhere unlike back then when the cellular company provider would charge for every minute you spend on internet usage. Video games graphics now look like real movie cinematics and can now perform close to 60 frame per second (depending which device your using) compared to back then around the early 2000 when the frames per second only mattered to certain point, as long as the game was playable and met its standards. Some vehicles now are powered by electric like for exapmple the Tesla.
Technology will just keep evolving and make a better and easier future for everyone. There might be a certain point in time when phones won't be physical anymore or when all vehicles will use the electric instead of being a hybrid (electric & gas) car. I do not know how technology will affect us in the future since no one can predict the future, but I believe it will be for the better like it has over the years.

Submitted: January 31, 2018

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