What is hope

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Submitted: January 31, 2018

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Submitted: January 31, 2018



Hope, piercing your dying heart through like a shard of glass. Or perhaps, an adrenaline needle.

Hope, bleeding out, even when you wish it would stop. Staining scarlet the blank sky of nothingness and despair, of resignation.

Hope is the will to struggle, the tattered war banner rising shakily among the scattered and wounded, calling, "To Me!"

Hope is the courage to feel again, and the tears that fall when all you can feel is pain. 

Hope is fighting until the dying breath and beyond, because maybe, just maybe, there is reason to it all. Maybe, just maybe, tomorrow's sunrise will paint your sky in every beautiful color.? Even the darkest of beings, when placed upon their death beds, will stare out to the vast world in hopes of catching a glimpse of the beauty adorned in white. The lethal blow to the raven, wasn't a blade. But rather, the beauty it neglected to see. Though it's vision clouds, that mirage of joy remains, stained in it''s own mistakes.? The hope is like snow

comes only once when you least expect it and can melt away in the blink of an eye

but still, however fleeting it ...

The more you believe in it, it becomes more beautiful and so when the cold, dark night, when you think there's no remedy and these end ...

It is when hope shines more and fill your heart with joy.?

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