Is The Thrill Gone Away

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Submitted: January 31, 2018

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Submitted: January 31, 2018




Is the thrill gone away

Do I have nothing more to say

This is the day I have silently prayed never to come

I cannot hear the beat of my own mental drums

My mind is trying to stay afloat

Waves rocking against my paddle boat


Do you see what I mean

My thoughts have never been this far in between

However, I’m somewhat tinkled pink

Fingers gliding as I think

Giving everything I got bedsides the kitchen sink

Is the thrill really gone away

Is this the day I have nothing else to add or convey

Mentally flowing day by day

Hoping something strikes my thinking as I lay

So many things the mind goes through

The Highs the Lows

The Mental Blues

Hey, I did like someone’s poem today about the homeless

I can’t fathom not having a place to rest my head or a permanent address

No comforting shoes

Salvation for them is so long overdue

As the poem stated the homeless hold up signs

We ride or walk pass them daily, cannot even toss them a dime

Let alone lend an ear of our time

Its cold outside

I’m sure it has been a million times the bitter winds have heard their cry

Guilt never shields their pride

As a society of people we take their untidy presence in stride

The bed of my slumber is hard and sometimes cold

A sight to others to behold

Pushing my cart without a care in world

You know I was once a working girl

My husband’s jeweled pearl

Mishaps and bad decisions has gotten us here

We make it together daily through the grief of our tears

At times they ask the masses for a small handout

Which I know we all have qualms about

So the next time give the homeless the benefit of the doubt

We do not know how they ended up on their route

 Although, you may hear my hands are tied

Get away from me you’re a thorn in my side

I hope this never will be applied worldwide

I do toss coins every once in a while

I have to remember it may be an Angel who returns a smile

Mr. Green thank you for showing me the misplaced humanity of my mind

Everyone here is living on borrowed time

For a minute, I almost forget I could rhyme

One less mountain for me to mentally climb

Mr. Green I’ve read your thoughts on the homeless through your poem

I wonder if I saw you on the streets, would my words have kept you warm

Would I have dazzled you with my Aquarian charms

Or would I have brainstormed to get you back on a higher platform

Sheltering your existence through the darken hour of your storm

Sometimes how you started is not always where you will be

Personally for me and the powers that be

I have the riddle while living fancy free

Haitian named Key-me

The universal alliance to the 33 degree

Using my spiritual key

Not the revelations of the Masonic

My words whispering in your mind as a beautiful symphonic

While keeping it strictly platonic

When your mind is relaxing, you know a state of cerebrally catatonic

I really didn’t have nothing to say

I hope my poem have paved the way

Just remember tomorrow is a new day

To the hopeless and homeless

I will continue to pray

Now I have everything to say and everything to do

Never in life pity a fool

Exception does sometimes proves that rule

Hopefully you never encounter someone being cruel


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