Dear Child

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Dear child,
I do not know you. You do not even know who I am. Maybe you do not even know who you are. But I have decided to write to you anyway.
Now you are immersed in deep thoughts that do not you'll never remember, now you're attached to your mom. Soon, however, you will begin to understand that you are too big to stay there, you will want to leave. You will beat and protest for wanting to start the greatest experience ever: life. As soon as you are born you will cry, but it will not be for sadness.
Your tears will be the first contact with a world different from the one you were used to, maybe you'll be scared, you'll be scared.
Tears finished you will open your eyes, you will look around for someone. Suddenly you'll see yours mom: you will not be afraid anymore and you will understand that you are about to start a life of your own.
In the years you will live, I hope many, you will always discover something new and spectacular.
The world, you must know, is bigger than the mother's belly where now you rest, or of the house where you will live. The world is huge, you can meet everything. You will meet many friends, lots of fantastic people. Friends are those to whom you can trust anything what, with which you can laugh, joke and be yourself. You will meet love, the truth love, which will accompany you throughout your life. But you will also encounter enemies. The world, as I told you, it is very big and not all are good, not everyone respects who it's around them. Many are selfish: they want everything for themselves and do not mind if, by doing so,they hurt others. Some do not consider the death of a man as important, indeed some think that we can kill, that we can take life. So many people at the world make suffer, they die, they make war. The war, you must know, is one word of only 6 letters, but that can destroy the world. War can be cold, holy, civil, even intelligent. But it will always be terrible. You will never have to believe those who see violence as the only weapon: the bad guys use terror and guns to make worth your own ideas, the sages use words and peace. Like you, in this precise moment, there are many children who are about to be born: why take away their lives, why deprive them of this gift that their parents gave them?
Life is all we have, we must protect it. But not only ours, too that of others. Unfortunately in the world not everyone thinks so, some think of being the only ones with the right to live. You must promise me that you'll never be like they must promise me that you will respect and accept the different. Promise me you will not have fear of thinking what you think is right, promise me that you will have the courage to assert yourself.
Promise me that, like the others, they will respect you, you will respect them and even if others will they will do harm, you will not reduce yourself to their level, even if it will be complicated: it is difficult do not hate, do not use your hands against others. Promise me that you will live life wisely and optimism: you have to see the glass half full, the world is not just war, war it is an evil that, as it is born, will disappear. Promise me you will not be afraid to think, which is the only weapon you can be proud of. Promise me to cultivate your passions, your talents, and to follow the path you want, without letting yourself be conditioned. You must not allow anyone to hinder your path, as you must not hinder that of others. Promise me to protect the world and the people you care about, I'm all that we have.
Promise me that you will teach this to your children. Even if you can not do everything this, at least promise me that you will try. It will not be easy, but it will be worth it, of this can be sure. Perhaps everything I wrote to you will understand later, when you will be great. For now, just try to have fun and smile, which is always important.
If you live your life with a smile, everything will be easier. I sincerely hope you succeed appreciate the life that, I assure you, is not just sad, indeed.

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