Nothing’s what it seems

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This story is about conflict between two old school “friends” showing both sides to each character. When a loving family man is attacked which leads him to be confronted with his past! Forms of
revenge. MURDER? SUICIDE? Put together police interviews? Including a real court trail (coming soon) Nothing what it seems in this story. Main question did James really do it?

Table of Contents

Your past will haunt you!

Beep!  Beep!  Beep! ……   I woke up in a Hospital.     All I could see was a nurse starin... Read Chapter

Discharge day

I knew there was no way out of this now, everyone would find out the truth about me and the stupid mistake I made when I was a young... Read Chapter

Police Interview

After 4 days in a medically induced Coma, my every move being watched by an officer for 3 days shock after shock.  ... Read Chapter

The Wait

My cranium couldn’t take this anymore.   I could hear what sounded to be a riot outside, other inmates... Read Chapter

Victors Suicide

21/29     “VICTORS” Suicide     ... Read Chapter

This is not part of the book

This is just first draft there’s still plenty more to come.  Once I’ve rewritten it I’ll be sure to post again! ... Read Chapter

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Jim Green

Very interesting. I see the mystery building here. There are many questions which I'm sure reading more of this will answer them. Keep writing. This sounds fun.

Thu, February 1st, 2018 12:07pm

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